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   Chapter 43 Got A Cold The Next Day

Trapped In Lace By Six Characters: 10593

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The man next to her was the one that Wendy asked her to send message to. It was really a free lunch. Since Rachel had taken on this task, she naturally needed to bring the message to him.

But she had prepared herself to tell him how she was going to tell him. To her surprise, Vincent had taken the initiative.

"You look familiar, Miss Shen."

Rachel turned around with slight astonishment. With her hands on the steering wheel, Henry looked ahead intently. A faint smile played at the corners of his mouth. "Are you working in a hospital? I have seen you several times."

Rachel nodded her head and replied, "Xincheng District Three Hospital."

"Well That's it." Hearing this, a trace of meaningful look appeared on Vincent's face.

It was very quiet in the car. After a long run, the road became dark. Vincent drove on the national highway, preparing to take a detour from H city road.

He followed the navigation, and the path was obviously far away. Rachel wanted to remind him, but she thought of what she would say next, "Miss Wen asked me to send a message to you for her."

Hearing the name, Vincent didn't change his face, but tightened his fingers on the steering wheel.

"Okay," He looked calm. "What message?"

It seemed that he didn't care about it at all. Rachel thought for a moment and told him what

Wendy had said, "She said Stay out of it and go back."

Rachel couldn't see the expression on his face clearly, but she felt the atmosphere in the car suddenly changed.

Vincent tried hard to control his emotions and said thank you to Rachel coldly.

It could be seen that the brother and sister of the Wen Family had a story. Later, they kept silent all the way. When they arrived at the entrance of the community, Vincent suddenly said to Rachel, "Thank you."

The word 'thank you' seemed to carry other meanings. Rachel unfastened the seat belt, but she didn't get off the car immediately but stayed in the seat for a while.

Vincent's fingers rested on the steering wheel, and the engine was still buzzing. A moment later, he said in a slightly hoarse voice, "I want to trouble you, Miss Shen. If possible, tell her Never mind. Thank you for your help today."

Vincent thanked her for the third time in such a short time. But the more he thanked her, the more strange she felt. There was no reason for her to interfere. After she got off the car, she watched the car leave the residential area slowly. Then she turned around and went back.

On the other side, Jack had sent Celine back to her apartment. When they arrived, Celine stopped making a scene.

However, she could not stop crying and her grievances and anger gradually disappeared after she entered the room. Celine sat quietly on the sofa, and Jack stood beside her for a moment. "You can't say anything until you dry your tears." he said.

Celine sobbed and wiped her tears on her face as if to release her emotions.

Seeing this, Jack slightly sighed. He knew her well, and even though he knew her temper, he was still pissed off when Celine said those words.

Jack went into the bathroom and got out with a warm wet towel. He put the

have a rest in the office, and he went to the pharmacy to get the medicine.

Eric's phone rang on time. When he arrived, Lucas had just gotten the prescription. He used the medicine in his hand if Rachel's fever didn't return.

Seeing his sister leaning against the head of the bed, Eric was stunned and asked, "What's wrong with you?"

This question left Rachel speechless. What else could she do

"Have a fever." Lucas answered instead. Eric looked at him and recognized him. "You seem to be" Lucas Zhou?"

"Yes." A smile appeared on Lucas's face. He poured a new glass of warm water and put it on the table, and whispered to Rachel, "Your brother is here. Should we let him finish the examination or not?"

Eric just came over to take an X-ray of his hand to see the recovery of the bone. It was lucky enough that the bones can recover since Rachel hit it with the beer bottle and Jack heavily stepped on it. The bone was injured, but it was not very serious.

My healing period has passed. Now I just need to see how my wounds are recovering.

Eric was not stupid after all. When he saw Rachel like this, he got close to his sister and grumbled, "Sister, why did you come to the hospital to work when you got a fever? Do you think you can fight like a superman?"

Eric stretched out his hand and carefully checked the temperature of her forehead. He couldn't tell whether she was having a fever or not judging from the temperature there.

"I'll take you to the doctor," Eric continued with a frown.

Eric's words made both of them laugh. Rachel shook her head and couldn't bear to look at her brother's silly expression. She raised her hand to cover her eyes.

Did he forget that they were in the hospital and they were doctors.

Lucas couldn't help laughing. He was also amused by the simple humor of Eric. He said, "You go to see the doctor first, and I will send your sister home later."

Eric's eyes dripped on Lucas for a while. He stood up and said, "Okay, I'll go to the doctor's office now. It won't take long. Just wait a moment, I'll take her back together with you."

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