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   Chapter 40 Fiancee

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Rachel looked around and didn't find Jack. There were all men.

Mr. Brooke walked over and put his hand around his fiancee's waist. Then he stepped aside and introduced Rachel to others. "This is Jack's wife."

When they heard the news, their faces changed, but they greeted Rachel friendly.

Rachel nodded to them with a smile and asked ted in a low voice, "where is Jack?"

"Jack has just gone out. I will ask the waiter to search for him. Have a seat inside."

When Rachel was about to refuse, Wendy pushed away Francis. She walked up to her, held Rachel's hand and said with a smile, "You are playing mahjong and let's just sit here without doing anything. I will go out with Mrs. Fu."

Francis's eyes fell on his hand that was pushed away by Wendy, and stayed for a moment. Then he looked away casually, with a smile on his lips. "It's rare to see you so enthusiastic. Sister in law, I'm going to trouble you with my fiancee."

"No bother at all. I have a companion too." said Rachel.

"Well, it's indeed boring for you women to sit here." Francis seemed to be talking to himself, looking depressed.

"Then let's go out first." Wendy couldn't help but ask. She couldn't hide her unusual behavior.

Especially when Wendy leaned onto her, Rachel could feel her body was a little tense. Francis suddenly said in a low voice, "Why don't you say hello to him?"

All of a sudden, Wendy went rigid, bowed her eyelids and shook her head, looking very reluctant.

Francis suddenly reached out and pulled her into his arms, with a languid smile on his face. Ignoring the slight struggle in his arms, he said, "Let's go. After all, he is my brother-in-law. It's better to say hello together."

He turned around and said to his friends behind him, "I'll take my wife out for a while. Enjoy yourselves."

After that, people kicked up a fuss. Rachel, who was standing by the door, silently stepped out. She saw that Wendy was in the arms of Francis. Wendy was looking down and her face was pale.

These two people were strange before, and Rachel didn't think much about it.

After Francis walked out of the room with his fiancee in his arms, a man came out of the room and said with a smile, "Mr. Fu's wife is so beautiful."

It seemed that Wendy was unnatural to be held by her fiance. Francis seemed not notice it While holding her, he said to Rachel, "Sister in law, please have something to eat in the VIP room. I will ask the waiter to find where Jack is."

"No, thanks. You can go ahead with your business. I can go and find him myself." Rachel said.

"We have nothing to do with him. Just to say hi. Wendy, right?" He bowed his head and gently rubbed the tender cheek of his fiancee.

His love towards Wendy was obvious, but she was not so enjoyable.

Rachel, who was standing beside them, was a little embarrassed. She just wanted to cover her eyes and pretend not to see the couple showing love.

Fortunately, it didn'

"I'm sorry." he said.

In this strange atmosphere, the brother-in-law was obviously relaxed and this seemed a little bit abrupt. At the moment when Vincent saw his brother-in-law acting intimately with his sister, his eyes were slightly cold. He lowered his eyes and played the lighter in his hand.

In addition to Francis and Wendy, Jack and Rachel and Celine and Vincent, the other four were young masters present were all young masters of some families.

Rachel pretended to be ignorant of the weird things on the table and continued to eat the food in front of her.

As for her, she was curious about the man who sat next to her. It was so blatant that Celine even didn't notice his presence. She was talking and laughing with another man so blatantly. Rachel didn't believe Jack didn't care.

In the meantime, Jack did appear so. Without uttering a single word, he put food into her bowl.

Rachel calmly accepted all of them. Francis changed the topic, chatted with Vincent, and the rest four men started to join them.

It was not so embarrassing. Rachel's dress was accidentally stained by some oil. She said in a low voice, "I want to go to the bathroom."

Jack nodded. Rachel packed her dress and got up to go out.

The rest room was located at the end of the corridor, and the light incense was lighting up in the washroom. Rachel walked into the washroom, and a moment later, she came out. In front of the wash basin stood a person in magenta color.

Rachel paused slightly and walked out, ignoring all the others. She went to her side and began to deal with the stains on the hem of her dress.

When Celine was fixing her make-up in front of the mirror, she was obviously not as patient as Rachel. After a while, she put the powders back. Celine couldn't hold her temper and turned around to stare at Rachel up and down with her sharp eyes.

Suddenly, a sneer came from her brilliant lips, "Miss Shen, are you so fond of robbing others?"

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