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   Chapter 39 The Banquet Is Going On

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Although Jack's words seemed harmless, Rachel was on alert after the previous incident. She kept wondering if something was wrong and secretly checked herself again.

Pretending not to notice her suspicious eyes, Jack leaned back and looked out the window. Even his profile looked cold and handsome, hard to get close to.

Francis' engagement banquet was held on the second floor of Seaside International Hotel. When Jack and Rachel reached the venue, they found that it looked grand and magnificent. On the first floor, there was a thick red carpet leading from the entrance to a heart-shaped door to welcome the guests.

The two of them followed a waiter upstairs. Just before the last step, Jack suddenly stopped, took Rachel's wrist, and linked arms with her.

Rachel's heart skipped a beat, but she had no time to think about it as Jack immediately resumed walking forward, pulling her along with him.

When they entered the banquet hall arm in arm, they drew the attention of many people.

It was a western-style party, so all of the guests were drinking and happily chatting with each other.

Jack and Rachel walked in quietly without making an entrance, but as soon as they arrived, the host of the party was informed.

Francis raised his eyebrows and waved the messenger away. Then, with his fiancee, he walked over to the guests who had just arrived.

"Mr. Fu, here you are! Mrs. Fu, long time no see..." Francis snapped his fingers as he greeted them, summoning one of the waiters. Then, he took two glasses of champagne from the tray in the waiter's hand and handed it to them, his eyes lingering on Rachel for a moment.

Then, he introduced his fiancee to both of them before taking Jack aside to talk to him privately.

Francis' fiancee, Wendy Wen, was a sweet and beautiful girl. Although she never treated people differently based on their identity and status, she knew that there was a difference between a normal guest and a distinguished one.

Soon, the other guests at the party began to notice Rachel. They didn't know her as she had seldom taken part in these occasions.

A group of them went up to Wendy to greet her, and then fixed their eyes on Rachel. Noticing the shift in their gazes, Wendy warmly introduced Rachel to them. "This is Mrs. Fu."

Upon hearing that the woman standing in front of them was Jack's wife, the expressions on their faces changed. They immediately went over to her and greeted her with warm smiles.

Wendy, who was supposed to be the star of the banquet, was pushed to the side and awkwardly neglected all of a sudden.

As for Rachel, she didn't know any of the socialites who were enthusiastically greeting her, so she felt a little embarrassed by the sudden attention on her.

Most of the socialites seemed good-natured and tried to include Rachel in their mellow conversation, but Rachel felt awkward and out of place.

However, they all just continued talking as if they hadn't noticed Rachel's discomfort.

Wendy, who had been left outside this circle

d her name softly.

"Miss Wen?

Wendy..." It was only after hearing her name three times that Wendy reacted.

"What?" she asked, slowly coming back to reality.

Rachel was going to suggest that they should get something to eat, but before she could, Wendy abruptly stood up with a nervous expression on her face. Her eyes flitted around, as if searching for something. A moment later, they paused and darkened.

Rachel stood up too and asked, "What's wrong?"

A smile emerged on Wendy's lips, and she shook her head as if nothing had happened. "Nothing. I saw an acquaintance. Let me show you around, Rachel."

Rachel paused for a moment and then answered, "Okay."

She was really not used to such parties, and it was embarrassing for her to walk around with the hostess, but she had no choice.

At that moment, there was a waiter frantically looking around the hall. Upon seeing Wendy, his eyes lit up and he strode toward her.

"Miss Wen, Mr. Cheng is looking for you."

Wendy seemed surprised to hear this, but she nodded and then turned to Rachel. "Rachel, do you want to come with me? Mr. Fu might be there as well."

Seeing the hint of a request on Wendy's face, Rachel couldn't say no, so she nodded her head in agreement.

They followed the waiter to the back of the hall, where there was a door to a private room.

As soon as the waiter pushed open the door, the clattering sounds of people playing mahjong came through.

Wendy's body seemed to stiffen in nervousness as she walked forward.

Rachel hesitantly followed her inside.

When they entered the room, someone laughed and said, "Wow, our Francis' babe is here."

Francis, who was sitting at the table, looked up. His eyes were full of affection as they fell on Wendy.

The voice of that man drew everyone's attention to the door. However, most of their gazes passed the gentle Wendy and landed on the woman behind her.

Her refined facial features and graceful temperament immediately attracted most of their attentions.

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