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   Chapter 35 Removing Plaster In Hospital

Trapped In Lace By Six Characters: 10358

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Rachel came back and said, "you can't tell me about it all of a sudden. Do you know someone will do something to me?"

Standing on the stairs, Jack didn't answer her question for a long time. Rachel stared at his face and wanted to get an answer. However, she had no patience. Rachel waved her hand and said, "Forget it. It's useless to ask too much."

Rachel turned around and left neatly. It was not until she disappeared across the road that Jack withdrew his gaze and continued to walk inside.

Two days later, Rachel was told that these people was sent to deliver a message against Jack. The purpose of this whole thing was to take a revenge action. He wanted to threaten Jack with her.

The man in the dark had run away. Now they were under arrest. Rachel thanked Jonny and hung up.

Indeed, after that, Jack did not come to her again, nor did he explain clearly. Was he approaching her with the intention of selling her?

Rachel stayed quiet for a few days to think it through. She was not angry with being kidnapped, but with being admitted that Jack approached her for some evil purpose, which made her so distressed and foolish.

A few days later, Jonny called and said that the main instigator had been captured, and mentioned that Jack had known about it. Jack was ready to come to the police station. Jonny asked if she would come and learn about the situation.

Hearing that, Rachel shook her head. She had nothing to do with this matter now. If Jack had to solve it himself, she didn't want to get involved in it.

After resting for two or three days, Rachel came back to the hospital. When she was making the rounds, she found that Mendes's ward was located. The little guy had taken off the plaster the past two days. When he saw her, he cried and rushed to her with great enthusiasm.

Rachel was flung back two steps by Mendes. Seeing this, Celia was so angry. She pulled the little bastard to the side and pressed him, "Don't move!"

But Mendes didn't listen to her. He kept wriggling like a small bug. Being helpless, Celia had to threaten her, "If you break your hand later, I won't care about you."

Rachel turned her head to take a look, and seeing that Mendes pouted, and finally stopped moving. Rachel couldn't help but smile.

Celia released his little brother. When she saw Mendes walking towards Dr. Shen, she could not help but feel jealous. "Whose brother is this? It's obvious that I'm taking care of him all day long. Why does he come here in the first place with Dr. Shen?"

Mendes didn't have the time to listen to Celia's self-talk. He was so excited that he held onto Rachel's leg tightly and said, "Sister Shen! I miss you so much!"

Celia had no heart to see her brother's stupid expression, so she turned around with a hand on her forehead.

Compared with other children who were afraid of the doctors, Mendes was a freak. In this hospital, his favorite one was Sister Shen.

Mendes's cast had been taken off. Rachel touched his soft hair and when she went back to her office, a little tail followed her unexpectedly.


at Rachel and asked, "What's wrong?"

Rachel pointed at the direction of the office table, and then took the crying Celia into the lounge room. She closed the door and turned around to ask Celia carefully what had happened.

Outside the office, Lucas went to the desk and looked around in confusion, but he didn't find anything strange.

When Lucas was about to walk away, he suddenly heard a low sob coming out under the table. It seemed to be missed. He carefully identified it, walked around the table, and squatted down.

Lucas found the little boy hiding under the table was squatting in the corner, biting his lips and smiling. Mendes suddenly saw a person squatting in front of him, which scared him a little.

Lucas's heart softened. He stretched out his hand and said, "Boy, come out, okay?"

Celia was not a very mature person, and she was already a child. How could she take care of such a trouble maker?

Celia had rarely felt the warmth of love from her family, and she was not much in a good situation with Mendes.

In the past, her father and her mother didn't get on well with each other. They were courteous to each other, neither quarreled with each other nor loved each other. Her father was busy with his work, so her mother didn't pay much attention to Celia.

However, after her mother died, her father brought back his son, Mendes, who was standing right in front of Celia. Celia had ever envied Mendes, thinking that his treatment would be better.

That was true. Celia cared most that his father had an affair and gave birth to a child.

Celia envied and envied the little fat boy. But she was an adult and had passed the time when she needed the warmth of a father's love.

But she didn't expect that her father would abandon his child and his team went abroad after that. However, Mendes was injured in the kindergarten. The nanny had no contact, so she had to call Celia.

Then Celia found out that the fatty's mother couldn't be reached and she didn't know whether Mendes's mother left first or his father.

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