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   Chapter 33 What A Scheming Man

Trapped In Lace By Six Characters: 10323

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Jack stressed the last two words, as if he were blaming her.

She turned to look at his arrogant eyes. There was inexplicable uneasiness in her heart.

This kind of uneasiness was not caused by the threat of Jack, but it seemed that someone was setting a trap for her.

She didn't want to get close to Jack, but he kept pushing her forward.

She got on his car angrily, as if she wanted to smash a jar to pieces. Since Jack pretended to be fine, she would like to see what he wanted to do.

To her surprise, in the following days, for one day, two days, three days, Jack's car would show up downstairs on time for the next few days.

What's more, Lucas called him suddenly and told him that there was something urgent, and he might be back a few days later.

Lea asked whether Lucas had come back. Rachel had to tell her that he would be back a few days later. At that moment, Lea breathed a sigh of relief, waved her hand and said, "That's good. I came back to northeast with my old man yesterday. My stepmother had an accident and could not go back until a week or so."

Rachel was about to tell Lea about her meeting with Jack these days, but she stopped when she heard this. 'Forget it. We can talk about it after I come back. I don't believe that he insisted on sending me back.'

After three or four days, Jack finally stopped and went downstairs to see her on time.

As Rachel didn't have to work on the night in this week, she was so punctual to ask him to pick her up. Fortunately, no one saw that. She wanted to see what kind of intention Jack had. Finally, she found nothing!

When Rachel felt she had dug her own grave and was about to lose her patience, Jack suddenly told her that he would not come to pick her up.

Rachel breathed a great sigh of relief. She thought that Jack finally got over his nerves.

In the next two days, Jack didn't show up. Rachel was in a good mood. And Rachel agreed to shfit with Doctor Wang in the same department because he had some important thing to do.

It was quite quiet at night when she was on duty, because there was nothing else to do and no operation arranged. When it was nine o'clock, a nurse came to tell him that Mendes was making trouble again.

Celia had come home from work, and the nurse she hired couldn't comfort him at all. They couldn't get through Celia, so they came to her.

Rachel stood up and walked to the ward. The nurse took Mendes out of the ward, because he had made a scene and other patients wanted him to leave.

When Rachel arrived, Mendes was lying in the arms of the nurse and crying hysterically. His little fat face was red. He burped and called cherry in a muffled voice.

When she heard the crying sound, Rachel felt very sad and dejected. Mendes was only five years old today, and he was Celia's half-brother.

Rachel was one of the few people in the hospital who knew what happened to their family. Celia's mother had died for less than three years, and her father took back the five-year-old Mendes from outside.

Celia was stimulated by this. And

ce needed it.

When she heard this, Rachel took a bite of the apple, and her mouth was filled with sour. She almost felt her teeth were sour.

Rachel took the tissue on the bedside table, threw the apple to the trash can emotionlessly.

"What's wrong?" Asked Doctor Wang.

"This apple is too sour,"

Rachel's head was still very dizzy. She checked herself carefully. There was a bump on the back of her head, and there was also pain in her knees and elbows.

Rachel was dragged by others and hit somewhere. She pulled up the pants and found there were bruises on her knees.

After pressing the bruises with her hands and making sure that there was no bone injury, Rachel turned to check her elbow and other painful position.

He checked and found at least four or five bruises on his body, as if he had been hit on somewhere when he was moving.

In her mind, she was cutting these guys into pieces with a scalpel. While doing that, she picked up her mobile phone and dialed Jack's number. She must know what had happened.

"Screw you. You can't let us know the details of your case." She resentfully gnashed her teeth. Her instinct told her that she was absolutely framed.

At dusk, Jack slowly opened the door of her ward. At that time, the little fat Mendes was lying on the bedside, with his mouth wide open, waiting for his feeding.

Rachel fed the orange into his mouth and took a tissue to wipe the juice out for Mendes. When Jack came in, Rachel slightly moved her eyelashes and glanced at him, raising the corners of her lips mockingly.

When Jack came in, he naturally pulled a chair and sat down, with his hand stroking the little fatty's head.

The little fatty escaped and ran to the other side of Rachel's bed with the orange in his mouth.

Jack looked back at Rachel with his fingers crossed. He leaned back and looked at her coldly. "What do you think? Are you okay? "

Rachel raised her head and glanced at him coldly. She said with a smile, "Mr. Fu, you're such a scheming man. Tell me what happened."

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