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   Chapter 31 Encounter

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Celine didn't sound like to query him when she was about to cry. Instead, she appeared to be a soft and spoiled child. As a result, the expression in Jack's eyes changed in a flash and finally settled down slowly.

Jack reached out and held her in his arms, coaxing her as she used to do when she was sad and tears. He patted her on the back gently, and whispered in her ear, "I didn't sleep well last night, so I'm in a bad mood today. Don't be angry."

"Pretty sister..."

Feeling the boy move in her arms, Rachel patted him on his chubby little butt and said, "Mendes, don't move, or else the nurse's needle will be pricked in some other place."

A young boy with a broken arm turned around, and the beautiful nurse held a glittering needle and smiled at him like a witch. With a shiver, he went to Rachel's arms, grabbed her clothes and begged pathetically, "Rachel, give me the injection, please. I don't want this fierce woman to give me the injection."

The fierce sister with a needle:

Celia closed her eyes and said patiently, "fatty, come here!"

"Wow A witch is coming!" The little fat guy lying in Rachel's arms started to fake cry. Rachel had to hold his chest with one hand to prevent the fat boy from pressing on her hand.

"One, two, three..."

Rachel patted on the fat boy's butt again, and said to him with a smile, "no more kidding, or we'll have to give you two stitches."

The little fat guy still didn't listen to her, and continued to twist in her arms. Being intend to ignore what she said, on the other hand, Celia pulled the back of his neck and pulled him over. She ground his teeth and asked gloomily, "Fatty! Are you taking advantage of Dr. Shen?"

Mendes rolled his eyes and asked with curiosity, "where is Dr. Shen's advantage?"

Holding back his anger, Celia pressed the boy on the chair and threatened, "Don't move, or I'll throw you out!"

The little fat guy pouted and cried suddenly.

This time, he cried loudly rather than pretending to cry. Tears fell down one by one.

His pitiful look attracted many people's attention.

Staring at the little fat guy with the needle in his hand, Celia stood there at a loss. She didn't expect that the little fat guy would cry.

She was at a loss and immediately lost his momentum. She called in a low voice, "Hey, little fatty..."

With one hand wiping tears, Mendes turned around to look for the support of Rachel, "waah Dr. Shen I want my mom... "

Rachel sighed and looked at people around her, who were looking at her with curious eyes. In order to prevent more news from the medical dispute, she grabbed the small meat block and said to Celia, "Celia, can you stop being so mean to your brother?"

As soon as this was said, people around knew it was the younger brother of this beautiful nurse. No wonder..

The age gap between them seemed too large.

Celia lowered her head and said sulkily, "I Why is he crying? "

. 'Rachel's tongue stopped before it reached the tip of her tongue and swallowed it back. She held the little meatball in her arms and looked at Jack speechlessly. "Why are you here?"

"Come here to visit someone," said Jack indifferently.

Hearing this answer, Rachel immediately felt relieved. Fortunately, he did not say that he was looking for her.

Celia took a turn between Rachel and the stern man, and offered actively, "Dr. Shen, how about I take Mendes back?"

Hearing this, the little baby in Rachel's arms immediately protested, "no, no, no! I want Rachel to hold me!"

'I would have beaten him up if he hadn't been injured. Does he really think that I can't give him a lesson?' Celia thought.

Rachel held the heavy little boy tightly. She was afraid that when he got excited, she couldn't hold him and he would fall down.

She nodded her head hastily to Jack. "Go ahead with your business. I'll send this patient back first."

"Celia, I'll take care of Mendes. Please go to work."

"Okay." Celia looked at Jack before leaving with curiosity.

After greeting, Rachel held the baby in her arms and walked away. She had underestimated the baby's weight. After a few steps, the baby in her arms kept falling. It was too heavy!

She was unable to hold him as she walked.

Rachel grabbed the little fat boy in her arms and lifted him up. She stopped and asked, "Mendes, shall we take a walk downstairs?"

Mendes rolled his eyes and shook his head immediately. Feeling her body shaking, Rachel said helplessly, "Okay, okay. Please don't move, okay?"

The baby was so fat and it was time to lose weight!

When Rachel was trying her best to take him back to the ward, she heard a familiar voice behind her. "Let me do it."

Dumbfounded, the person behind her walked up and took the little fat boy in her arms.

However, unexpectedly, the little boy who refused to be hugged by Celia was hugged by Jack without a word.

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