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   Chapter 29 Why Didn't You Answer The Phone

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Rachel understood her feelings of surprise and anger. When the queen was furious, she immediately comforted, "Nothing serious. I just went to have a sit. I planned to tell you about it after I go out. I didn't expect that Jack would suddenly come."

No wonder Rachel said she was sick and wanted to leave the bar. Lea was angry that she was so careless that she didn't notice anything wrong with her friend.

Lea insisted on thinking that Rachel wanted to go home because she disliked the environment here. In fact, during her absence, Rachel was 'invited' upstairs.

Lea was outraged and terrified. If Eric hadn't invited her to go downstairs and have some food, they wouldn't have found that Rachel was not there.

She felt remorseful and remorseful. If something bad happened to Rachel tonight, she would regret it for the rest of her life!

"I'm sorry, Rachel! I shouldn't have taken you to such a place. I know you don't like it!" "Fortunately, nothing happened today. Otherwise, I don't know what to do." said Lea, pulling her hair ruefully.

"Stop blaming yourself. You have nothing to do with it." Rachel grabbed a pillow from the table and hugged it in her arms. Rachel said in a gentle voice, "Nothing serious. I came out when Jack got here, but the air was not fresh."

She didn't even mention the fear and fright she had experienced in the hotel room. It was unnecessary. It would only make Lea feel guilty.

"Rachel, we won't go to that kind of place again," said Lea remorsefully. Something happened to one of her friends while she was there.

Rachel couldn't help but smile. Then she heard Lea say, "I promise we won't go there again. Nor will I."

Rachel felt warm in her heart. She remembered that Lea liked the lively atmosphere of the bar very much, and she knew that Lea would never go back on her words. Since Lea had said so, she was sure that Lea would do it.

All these years, the most touching thing to her was a friend like Lea. Rachel could not stop smiling.

Rachel lay back and said with a smile, "Well, you don't have to swear that. This matter really has nothing to do with you. At most, we won't go to that kind of place if we meet again in the future."

At the other end of the line, Lea sighed and didn't say anything. Rachel continued, "Well, I have also reminded you of this matter. You should be careful when you go to the bar to have fun in the future."

"Well, but Why do you have anything to do with Jack's matter? You haven't contacted each other, have you?"

Hearing this, Rachel smiled bitterly. She didn't know how to start all these strange things. It seemed that they had started from the day that Celine came to her hospital.

"Not yet. I'll tell you about it two days later."

Without inquiring more about what happened between her and Jack, Lea continued their conversation. Suddenly, Rachel said, "Lucas will come back the day after tomorrow."

They had been friends for almost ten years, and they talked to each other for almost everything. Rachel, who used to be quiet and always had a poker face, looked completely different in front of Lea.

They had been staying together since they were young girls. Although they were similar in appearance, characteristic and hobbies, they became best friends and shared everything, including feelings, with each other.

Rachel had had an unrequited crush on a boy in high school, and she had never fallen in love with any other man. She had been directly dragged to register for marriage before she had been in love.

If Rachel hadn't fallen in love with any other man, that would be impossible.

Lucas and Rachel had known each other for a long time, and Lucas and Lea were the best friends of Rachel. At first, Lea didn't take him seriously and thought that they were only good friends.

Until one day when drunk Rachel was lying on top of her and murmuring the name of Lucas, Lea could guess what was on her mind.

At that time, Rachel had been registered for marriage with Jack. Yet Lea had nothing to say about it.

The next day, when Rachel woke up, she didn't mention anything about what had happened last night, and Lea also pretended that nothing had happened. After that, Rachel went to work in the same hospital as Lucas.

Hearing this, Lea came to her senses. If they really had some sort of relationship, their relationship should have been broken up over the years.

But Rachel seemed to remember Lucas very much. Hearing her words, Lea could not guess what she was thinking, so she had to make fun of Rachel smilingly and said, "Rachel, Lucas has been single for so many years. I could not bear to see him being alone. Could you do a favor and take him down now?"

"Don't you worry." said Rachel with a smile.

After she hung up the phone, Rachel lied on the sofa. Lucas's face flashed through her mind. Did she like him?

He was the one Rachel liked most. Over the years, the most suitable image to be a lover was Lucas, but Rachel was not sure whether he liked her or not.

Lucas had always b

een nice to her, but Rachel could feel that his kindness was not mixed with love between men and women. If he didn't mean it, Rachel didn't dare to say it hastily.

Rachel didn't have many friends. She was afraid that her friendship with Lucas would be destroyed by her words for so many years, which would make them feel awkward. So she chose to keep silent, conservative and keep getting along with Lucas.

The next morning, when Rachel woke up, she felt her nose a little stuffy. After brushing her teeth and washing her face, she made herself a large bowl of ginger soup. Then she walked at home for more than ten minutes, feeling hot all over her body. When her fingertips began to warm up, she changed her clothes and was about to go to work.

Rachel was changing her shoes at the hallway when her hand in the bag rang. She put on her shoes and took it out. Seeing a familiar number flash on the screen, she hesitated to answer it.

Rachel hesitated for a while and nobody answered the phone. Seeing the phone hang up, Rachel breathed a sigh of relief. She put the phone back to her bag calmly and pretended not to see it.

When she just closed her bag, her phone rang again. She paused and took out her phone. But it was the same number again. After hesitating for a while, Rachel put the phone back to her bag, pretending that she didn't hear it.

When she went downstairs, her phone stopped ringing. Rachel was confused and wondered why he called her in the early morning.

It was nothing serious, but Rachel wanted to make a clean break with him. She really didn't want to answer these calls.

When Rachel opened the fire door and went downstairs, her phone rang again. Rachel frowned and took it out of her bag, hesitating. When Rachel hung up the phone and wanted to turn it to mute again, she saw a dark face in front of her. Rachel raised her head and saw a tall, strong and cold man. The man was holding the phone tightly to his ear.

Jack frowned and gazed at her hand. He slowly put down the phone near his ear. After he hung up the phone, Rachel's phone stopped vibrating. Holding the phone, Rachel felt more embarrassed.

She didn't answer the phone deliberately. What's more, she was caught by Jack. After hanging up the phone, Jack looked at Rachel without saying anything.

Rachel put the phone back into her bag unnaturally and asked, "Why are you here?"

Jack was obviously displeased. "Why don't you answer the phone?"


Rachel was tongue tied for a moment, and couldn't find the words to make a lie for herself. She changed the topic embarrassedly, "Why are you here?"

However, the topic was too stiff, and Jack didn't buy it. "I called you three times, but you didn't answer. I thought you had been barged into the house."

Rachel finally found the reason why she didn't answer the phone. "I didn't answer the phone call of a stranger. There are so many sales calls these days." It was a bad excuse.

With just a glance at her, Jack didn't believe this lame lie. He just said casually, "Then save it right away."

Jack didn't move. He just stood there and stared at Rachel. Under his gaze, Rachel had to take out her cell phone and saved the number. Rachel typed the name Jack Fu.

After that, she breathed a sigh of relief. Is he all right now?

Rachel put her phone back to her bag. She couldn't figure out what Jack was thinking about, so she checked the time before she took back her phone. "What's up? I'll go to work now. "

"Then let's go. This is a special period. I'll call you these days and you'd better answer the phone."

Rachel was taken aback by his words. She had no idea why he said, "Then let's go."

Rachel hoped that she misunderstood him. She nodded to Rachel as a farewell and said, "I'll leave now."

But it seemed that he didn't hear her at all, so he said, "Let's go. I'll drive you there."

Rachel was stunned by his words. She couldn't maintain the polite and distant look on her face anymore. The corner of her mouth gradually turned down. She looked at Jack with vigilance and asked discontentedly, "What do you want to do?"

"I just drop you off. Don't think too much." Jack despised her guard. "At this special period, if anything happens to you because of that, I can't explain to my father."

What the hell was that? Tragedy?

She didn't want to get involved with Jack anymore. But recently, all these things seemed to be well arranged, pushing them to the same page desperately.

After hearing his explanation, Rachel refused without hesitation, "No, as you said, you can arrange two bodyguards."

"What if something happens?"

Rachel was speechless. She frowned and said, "Not that bold!"

Jack sneered in a very low voice. "I can't promise either."

He raised his hand to look at his watch and said lightly, "Rachel, you'll be late if you don't go."

For Rachel, there was never the word of late for professional ethics, so when she saw that Jack didn't want to give in, she was determined to be late if she still struggled with him.

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