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   Chapter 25 Got Angry

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Rachel's hand tightened in her pocket. After a moment, she nodded, "yes."

Suddenly, the man glanced coldly at the two people pressing on her behind and said, "Take back your knife! Don't you know how to be tender to a woman? Let's see how Miss Shen is scared."

Rachel frowned with anger flashing in her eyes.

"Yes, master."

But his two subordinates were obedient. They drew back the two sharp knives against Rachel's waist at once.

Rachel secretly breathed a sigh of relief. The man clapped his hands, and the two people behind him silently retreated.

"Sorry to scare you. Please sit down."

Rachel was very ashamed of his behaviours, but she still couldn't take it lightly. She wondered whether the man in front of her was up to something or just "talk to her."

Before she was sure that she was safe and couldn't turn to a doctor for help, Rachel made a wise decision to obey him. She then said "thanks" to him calmly without any expression on her face.

The other people on the sofa were all staring at her. Rachel looked calm on the face, but she was very nervous in her heart. She chose a side seat and sat down.

All of a sudden, they exchanged glances with each other and smiled mysteriously.

Although Hiram seemed to find something interesting, Rachel turned a blind eye to him.

Her hands in the pockets were sweating.

The seat next to her sank. The man took his seat. Rachel frowned imperceptibly.

He crossed his legs casually and snapped his fingers to the quiet crowd, "What are you doing? Go ahead! It's time for singing songs. Let's drink!"

Hearing this, those guys seemed to be ordered to stay here for a long time. When the light in the room went down, the chandelier in the ceiling started to shake again.

Someone picked up the headset and continued to click the music on the screen. The wave of heart torn and trembling in the air almost made Rachel's ear explode.

The ghosts stirred and laughed at each other. Soon, she smelt the smoke.

No one paid attention to her, including the man Hiram. Soon he joined the beautiful women who came over.

Rachel was like an invisible person in this room, but she didn't dare to make a move. The gangster wouldn't force her with a knife just for keeping her sitting here.

Rachel didn't do anything but waited for the chance to call for help when the kidnapper was not paying attention.

However, the man did not give Rachel the chance to wait patiently. He seemed to see her too calm and ignored her for a long time. There was no fear or tension of her.

Rachel didn't hesitate to ask Brian why he had found her. Leaning against the large sofa, Hiram looked at Molly in a pair of long and narrow eyes with a cigarette between his lips.

A coquettish beauty was lying on Hiram's chest. She called his name three times, but he didn't even respond. Following his eyes, she saw the woman who had been sitting there since she came in.

The woman pouted and said in a spoiled tone, "Hiram! Who are you looking at! Cassie is talking to you. Don't you hear me?"

With an evil smile at the corners of his mouth, he picked up a cigarette with his long finger, lowered his head and puffed smoke on Cassie's face, which made the woman in her arms tremble. As she coughed softly, she pushed his chest in a complaining way. "Master Hiram! What are you doing?"

Hiram patted her on the face and said perfunctorily, "Go away and play."

The woman didn't give up and twisted on him like a snake. "I don't..."

"Honey..." He prolonged his tone and slightly narrowed his eyes. A cold light flashed through his eyes. Cassie noticed that he was in a bad mood today and did not have the patience to flirt with her. She had to stand up and leave with a gloomy face.

This scene drew the attention of all the people present. They just pretended not to see, drink and sing.

Rachel closed her eyes. She was going to explode with the turbid air. She was afraid that if she got excited later, she would be against this man without hesitation.

She repeatedly thought that life was precious, life was precious, life was precious.

Suddenly, someone put a strange hand on her shoulder. Rachel turned her head vigilantly, seeing that Hiram put his hand on her shoulder casually. He laughed and said, "Miss Shen, aren't you bored sitting here?"

The corners of Rachel's mouth were twitching in restraint. All of a sudden, she heard a very disdainful sneer from a corner of the private room. "Hiram, such a woman can pretend to be! As a matter of fact, she wants more than anyone if you give it to her!"

Hearing the voice, Rachel stood up and looked in the direction of the voice. She saw a familiar man sitting on the sofa opposite her.

It was the man who spoke ill of her downstairs just now. The corners of Rachel's mouth twitched. She was suspecting whether Hiram came to her because of the relationship between her and Jack, or because of that man's intention to revenge on her.

When the man saw Rachel looking at him, he smiled at her arrogantly. His eyes were as vicious

as a snake.

"Hannah, it's none of your business," said Hiram suddenly.

There were whispers of laughter from the crowd. Apparently, Hannah, who was scolded by Hiram, felt embarrassed. Hannah dared not to look at him. Therefore, he sat there with a long face.

After saying that, Hiram turned his attention back to Rachel and suddenly said, "Miss. Shen, please have a drink with me."

Rachel smiled and refused frankly, "Thank you for your kindness. I'm allergic to alcohol."

"Alcohol allergy? To have fun in a bar?" asked Hiram, rolling his eyes and laughing. His hand deliberately or unintentionally rubbed Rachel's shoulder.

Blue veins stood out on Rachel's forehead. She endured the pain and pulled his hand off her. Then she said to him coldly, "I come with my friends."

"Really?" Rachel pulled his hand off her shoulder rudely. Seeing this, Hiram was not annoyed. He leaned over and poured wine into the glass. Then he said as if they were old friends, "Miss Shen, you have a friend here? How about inviting us to have a talk?"

Rachel suddenly burst into laughter and said, "Why don't we go downstairs and have a seat together?"

Hiram picked several blocks of ice on the crystal plate and put them into his cup, while a beautiful lady immediately picked up a bottle of wine to serve him.

Hearing what Rachel said, he seemed to be surprised. He turned around and looked at her. Then he suddenly laughed and said, "Good idea."

The lady on the side poured the wine in his hand into eighty percent, and Hiram waved his hand to indicate her to stop.

With a glass of wine in his hand, Hiram came close to Rachel with a wild smile on his face. He said, "Good idea. But now I have to wait for someone. We can go downstairs later."

Rachel took a deep breath and turned her head away from him. She couldn't keep the usual calm on her face. "Please, stay away from me."

"Yo, are you angry?"

Hiram seemed to have discovered a new world. Then he came over again. Rachel almost couldn't help but want to take the bottle on the table and knock the man next to her on his head.

Fortunately, the door was suddenly opened to save him.

As if time was playing again, the door of the box was pushed open again. That person walked in with a straight figure. The group of demons dancing in the box fell into the weird silence again in a moment.

The man's sharp black eyes flashed through a darkness. At last, he fixed his eyes on a man and a woman sitting on a sofa at the outer side of the room.

It was Jack!

Rachel didn't realize that she was completely relieved to see Jack. Totally different from him, Hiram appeared like a cheetah. Rachel abruptly heaved a sigh of relief.

All of a sudden, Hiram's smile disappeared, and his eyes were covered with a thin layer of frost. With a casual smile on his face, he said, "Yo, Mr. Fu is finally here."

Finally, Rachel didn't need to endure anymore. She stood up directly and at the same time, Jack came over to her.

After seeing this, Hiram was a little upset. Rachel didn't look at him at all and went straight to the front of Jack. After they looked at each other, he put his arm around her shoulder and leaned against his body. Then Jack whispered in her ear, "Michael is outside. Go out and look for him first."

Rachel nodded her head without saying a word. Then, Jack released her and Rachel walked out of the room without looking back.

Until the moment she stepped out of the door, the invisible fear under her heart finally dispersed.

When Michael, who was waiting outside, saw her coming out, he strode forward and cursed, "Fuck! That son of a bitch. How dare he lock you up like that?

As the light was out, Michael couldn't see Rachel's pale face clearly. Rachel shook her head and replied, "Nothing."

He wanted to ask Rachel why she was here, but he thought it was unnecessary now. He said, "Don't worry. Jack will definitely take revenge for you. He won't let you suffer the nonsense for nothing!"

Rachel suddenly sneered. Her beautiful glazed eyes were full of sarcasm. "If I didn't know that Jack is the president of the MK Group, I might think of him as the boss of a gangster. Jack is used to deal with things with women by fists?

As soon as Rachel finished her words, she took her leave without waiting for Michael's response. Michael was stunned by Rachel's sudden ridicule.

He couldn't understand what Rachel meant by her words. He was shocked by her inexplicable anger.

'what does she mean

Michael strode forward and grabbed her by the arm. "Hey! Rachel, make it clear! You are not bullied by us. What's the problem with you now that we save you?"

Michael was a man with a quick temper. He couldn't bear being treated unjustly and misunderstood by others!

Rachel pulled her hand out from his and said coldly, "I don't know why I should thank you for. The other party brought me there because of Jack. Have you ever thought about it? What would happen to me if he didn't come? I just don't understand why I was involved in the matter of Jack."

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