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   Chapter 23 Have You Got A Fever

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Following the direction he pointed, Rachel saw a tall and beautiful lady in white coat coming in from the restaurant door, who was asking something to the waiter.

A smile played at the corners of her mouth. "Here she comes."

Under the guidance of a waiter, Lea walked towards them and waved at the person she saw from a distance.

A bright smile appeared on Rachel's face, but Eric responded more intensely than she did. The first person who came to her was Eric. He gave Lea a warm hug.

Lea stood still, at a loss for words. She turned around and gave Eric a big hug. Eric said to her flatteringly, "one day apart is like three years. Sister Beauty, we haven't seen each other for years. How come you become more and more beautiful?"

Hearing his words, Lea was in a good mood because of his flattery. She smiled and patted on Eric's head, "Handsome boy. You have a better aesthetic standard."

"Yes, he said so when he saw a beautiful woman." Rachel gave Eric a hard time.

Hearing this, Eric almost jumped to his feet and shouted, "sister! The only one I care about is Sister Lea!"

"Alright, alright!" "Don't be angry. I'm glad to hear Eric's praises. I'm so hungry. Give me a hug, babe," said Lea, trying to coax the two.

Rachel didn't expect that Lea changed the topic so quickly. When she finished her last sentence, she stood up with a slight smile and embraced the woman who had opened her arms in front of her.

"Welcome back!"

It had been months since Lea left. This holiday wouldn't be over just by having a meal.

Although she just took a day off in the territory of their motherland, Lea could not be satisfied by a meal.

After dinner, Lea couldn't wait to take them to a bar.

Rachel didn't like this kind of place very much. But Lea and Eric were fond of this kind of busy place. When they fought wildly, Rachel couldn't stop them. So she had to accompany them.

In Rachel's eyes, all the bars were the same. Except for the decoration, the atmosphere was also the same.

It was a rock and a roll, and when it came into the room, it was so hot that people could even hear it. The closer they walked into the room, the more rhythm they trembled. Waves were spreading in the air, and it was affected by the rhythm that the blood and heart, from every pore on the skin to every part of the body, were trembling along with the rhythm.

Lea was so thrilled that he almost shouted out loud. The atmosphere in the bar was warm, as if they were celebrating here every day, every month and every night.

Rachel put her hands in the pockets and followed them. Her alienated eyes and cold expression isolated her from the dancing crowd.

If she was an iceberg, then Lea was a fire, a fire that couldn't be hidden.

At the same time, Lea put down her long hair which was tied up in a ponytail. With a wave of the wind, she looked so adorable. Eric was dumbfounded to see her take off her coat and wear a black vest.

His eyes fell from her milk muscle to her plump breast with vest and her fair and flat abdomen.

When she walked past them, her slender waist looked as attractive as a fairy without clenching. All of a sudden, Eric had an impulse to pounce on Lea, pull Lea in his arms and ravage them.

When Lea looked back, Eric was filled with thrill. Eric's whole body was quivering and he dared not to chase her.

Lea turned back, with her head waved in a beautiful way behind. She gave a smile and put the coat into the hand of Rachel.

She kissed her and said, "My clothes are yours now."

Rachel curled her lips and went out of the exit to take Lea's clothes. On the other side, Lea crooked her finger to the waiter in the bar. When he got close, she snapped her finger. It was a bit noisy in the bar, so she leaned in the waiter's ear and asked for a seat.

The waiter nodded and walked forward, beckoning them to follow the waiter.

Rachel looked at the colourful flickering lights not far away. The further they went inside, the greater the sound waves they felt.

The music was wild, the crowd were boisterous, and the dim light became the best protection for all the people in this misty night.

They went through the crowd and sat down in the seats led by waiter. There were many beautiful girls in the bar.

But as they kept pushing their way through the crowd, Lea and Rachel still got whistled by many people because of the enthusiasm of tonight's enthusiasm and the cold temperament of Rachel.

Rachel's problem was related to her career. She didn't like to be on such occasions. She just felt that alcohol made them like a group of monsters to smoke smoke, and she also felt that such a crowded house made a lot of people stay there.

The smell of perfume and vari

ous other things filled the small room, which was as horrible as a virus in Rachel's eyes.

Knowing that Rachel was a nuisance, Lea took her to a quieter corner. It didn't matter that Rachel didn't like to play with her, but Lea could be happy as long as Rachel was willing to come along.

No one could make Rachel yield to humiliation. This was what Lea was proud of.

After their seats were settled, the waiter spread out the menu and asked them what they would like to drink. The three of them came here after dinner, and they didn't order any dishes.

When Rachel passed the menu and Lea, Lea was in high spirits and studied the menu with


Rachel put the clothes on the sofa and turned her head. When she saw Eric's savvy and bright eyes in the dim room, she was shocked. She stretched out her hand reflectively and asked, "What's wrong with your eyes?"

Before Rachel finished her words, she touched Eric's face so hot that it could fry an egg, which surprised her even more. "Do you have a fever?"

Embarrassed, Eric pulled down her hand and said, "No."

"Why not? Come here. Let me check your temperature." Before Eric could say anything else, Rachel pulled him over and touched his forehead. Frowning, she said in doubt, "No, it's not hot..."

After ordering some food, Lea turned around and saw the action of Rachel and Eric. She asked doubtfully, "what's wrong?"

Startled, Eric pulled down Rachel's hand. A fluster flashed across his face. "No," he answered, his eyes resting on the corner of the room.

Lea didn't notice the glance in his eyes, but Rachel saw it. She was speechless for a moment and understood what was going on when she looked at the slender figure of Lea.

Rachel rubbed her nose with her hand and wanted to laugh. It was unexpected that Eric was shy.

Eric was indeed embarrassed. He didn't expect that he would have such a sexy Lea.

The two women in the room were never quiet with each other. They couldn't just sit there quietly for a long time. After the ordered wine and snacks were served, Lea leaning against Rachel and chatted with each other for a while.

Lea talked about what she had met when she was flying outside, and foreign bars. She liked this kind of place. She felt that quiet and lovable country pubs in German was not suitable for her.

As soon as Lea's words faded away, Eric agreed with her idea.

They couldn't sit still any longer, so they played with each other to leave Rachel alone.

Lea was like a fish that was going into the sea, and Eric never remember his mistakes. He couldn't remember how he was pressed on the ground by someone sent by Jack in the bar ten days ago. His hand almost got cut off.

He was still having fun at this kind of place.

No matter how rude Rachel was in public, she couldn't prevent other people from coming up to her and chatting with her.

The girl was as pure as a lotus. This impression flashed in his mind when the man came over. He was stunned when he saw a white flower in the corner of the place where there were so many roses.

In the blink of an eye, they thought it was a dress of this style again, for some girls were catching hitmen in the bar. It was the way those women dressed. They looked innocent, but flirted with men here.

Jacob paid close attention to Rachel intentionally or unintentionally for a while, but he found that she sat there for a long time, playing with her mobile phone attentively without moving.

'Are you fucking insane? Why do you come to the bar just to play with your cell phone? The man muttered in his heart, picked up the glass and walked over.

Rachel lowered her head and focused on the game on her phone. When she was about to end the call, she felt someone sat next to her. She turned her head and saw a strange man sitting next to her.

She frowned and said, "Sir, you are in the wrong seat."

With a charming smile on his face, Jacob raised his hand and proposed a toast. "No, I didn't. I want to meet you, beauty."

Rachel's frown deepened, her lips curved slightly, and she refused with a polite faint smile, "I'm sorry, sir, I want to be alone."

The man blinked his eyes, making him look like a dangerous wolf. Rachel hated his gaze.

The man sat still with a smile on his face as if he didn't understand what Rachel said. He looked at her lasciviously and asked, "Don't you feel bored sitting here alone?"

Rachel's displeasure was obvious. She tried her best to drive him away, "I'm sorry. You can look for someone else you want to chat with. I just want to stay alone."

The man suddenly sneered at her, with disdain in his eyes. He shook his glass and said sarcastically, "This bar is full of people everywhere. Do you want to stay alone?"

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