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   Chapter 21 Rachel, I'll Keep It In Mind

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Drinking her coffee unhurriedly, Rachel was like a patient hunter, waiting for her prey to jump into the trap in front of her. Although it was Celine who had asked her out to have a talk, now it seemed that Rachel was the one who called out with strong momentum.

For the last time, Celine pinched her leg under the table. She dared to be willful to Jack because he loved her.

But this favor was not enough for her to straighten her back in front of Rachel, because Rachel was his legally wedded wife.

Even though Jack said they had no feelings for each other, Celine, who was a woman of dignity, thought that she was too shameful in front of Rachel.

But today, the reason why she came to Rachel was because of her love with Jack. Celine thought that she had enough standpoint.

Although she had no legal relationship with Jack, she was the one he loved, not his wife.

At the thought of this, Celine felt more confident. Looking at Rachel, she tried to adjust her mood and looked like as leisurely as Rachel.

However, Celine didn't know that because her deliberately posture was quite ridiculous.

"Rachel, I want to talk to you about something."

Rachel leaned back in her chair and looked at Celine. She raised her chin slightly and said briefly, "Speak."

Celine's hard-earned momentum was destroyed by Rachel's words, just like a swelling balloon was stabbed by a needle.

Celine threw away all the plates and asked directly, "Rachel, tell me, what on earth is your relationship with Jack?"

Rachel smiled, "Miss Duan, don't you know that we are couple?"

When heard of the word 'couple', Celine became very annoyed and said, "Jack said it! There is no love between you and him!"

"Every man who has an affair is going to coax his mistress by this way!" Rachel looked at Celine with a smile, "Miss Duan, don't you know that?"

Celine was blocked by her words and couldn't find a reason to refute her. She stared at Rachel, gritted her teeth and looked at Rachel sharply, "What kind of couple you are? How many times is he meeting you? Does he love you? Don't you know that in the past years of your marriage, he has been sleeping by my side? Mrs. Fu." Celine stressed the last word, as if mocking.

The smile on Rachel's face slowly faded away. She snorted and wondered that how could Jack have such a bad taste.

Haley was so childish that it was outrageous. Who said that mistresses can be very difficult to deal with? And Celine always aimed at somewhere out of place.

Rachel suddenly felt pity for her. Why did Jack just throw such a bunny in front of her and let her torture it freely?

When Celine finished the call and saw the dazzling smile on Rachel's face, she was finally satisfied and smug. She thought that she had successfully made Rachel suffer.

Unexpectedly, Rachel gave her a dismissive sneer.

Celine face paled, but she was humiliated, so she clenched her fists. She stared at Rachel nervously and alertly, "What are you laughing at?"

"And then?" Rachel shook her head. What's the meaning? So what?"

Rachel stood up, took her bag from the table and was going to leave. She looked down at Celine from a height, imposing the manner of a wife.

Rachel raised Celine's chin slightly, and looked at Celine haughtily and indifferently. Her words were like a knife cutting into Celine's heart. "As long as my name is beside his on the wedding certificate, you will always be the mistress."

Celine's face suddenly turned pale, sat still and couldn't move, as if she was put on a shelf to accept criminal law. She wanted to raise her hand to cover her ears and not to listen to what Rachel was saying.

But her hands were hanging on her sides like a weight. Rachel mercilessly uncovered her deceiving mask for so many years.

"Don't be discouraged. Although there are many people who want to be the sweethearts of Jack, till now, he still loves you very much."

"In the end, Miss Duan, I have a piece of advice for you. Sweethearts can be changed at any time, but..." Rachel curved her lips and looked at Celine with her eyes full of malice. Then she slowed down her voice and said, "As long as I don't divorce, I'm the only wife that Jack has. Oh, right, I don't have to marry him. It doesn't matter that we have a child together and we can go our own life. So, you'd better be careful of others. Don't bother me anymore."

After that, Rachel picked up her bag and left directly without looking at Celine again.

Celine sat on the chair, pale faced. She was as stiff as a sculpture, as if she had been hit by a nail.

A handsome and rich man, who wanted to create a love castle for a girl like Celine, was a very easy thing.

What Rachel didn't know was that s

he hit Celine's weakness in the end.

Celine had been with Jack for nearly five years.

In the past five years, Rachel, or the so-called Mrs. Fu, had never bothered her.

Ever since she got to know that Jack was married, Celine's world seemed to collapse overnight. Her family was ordinary. Before she met Jack Fu, she was only a waitress in a hotel.

It was just like a movie where the CEO and Cinderella met each other. When Jack began to chase after her, Celine didn't know he was the CEO of the MK Group.

When they were together, she found out that Jack was just joking with her, but after that, he had done a lot for her.

Not long after Celine accepted and developed her self -abasement and diffidence, she learned from a party that Jack was married.

At that time, Celine didn't know the strange relationship between Jack and Rachel and felt shocked. It seemed that the whole fairy tale dream was broken into pieces.

After a while, Celine and Jack had a quarrel. But at last, she didn't want to leave Jack. After Jack explained this marriage to her and promised to divorce, they were together again.

But, to her surprise, after his leaving, Jack had been married for three years, but he never got a divorce.

Although he never met or lived with his wife.

But Rachel didn't appear in her life. With endless love and indulgence of Jack, in addition to feeling uncomfortable from time to time, Celine almost paralyzed his marriage. Anyway, Jack was in love with her now, and he had sworn to her that he had never touched Rachel.

Her words made Celine feel better. He thought, after all, they were still in a marriage without any substantive content. In the future, Jack would divorce Rachel sooner or later. However, occasionally, Celine heard some gossips laughing at her as a home wrecker, which made her very sad.

But recently, Jack gave her the cold shoulder. That's why she got drunk in the bar the other day. She made all kinds of noises, challenging his bottom line. She wanted to know how much Jack loved her and how much he could indulge her.

But, if Celine had known that her plan would make Rachel appear frequently in her life in the following days, she would never have done that.

Jack left her and went to the house of the Fu family with Rachel. She called him again and again but nobody answered. Then suddenly, Rachel appeared at the other end of the phone and picked up the phone.

All of these panicked Celine. Maybe she hadn't been so scared of other women, but this woman, Rachel, was his wife, fair and just, was accepted by everyone in his family.

However much he loved her, she was still a mistress.

Celine sat in his seat with a numb expression for a long time. What Rachel said hurt her deeply. There was always no safe bond between her and Jack. She was greatly terrified by Jack. Therefore, while challenging his bottom line wilfully, she was also afraid of losing him.

Finally, she stood up from her seat slowly. With a gloomy face and dim eyes, she left the cafe silently like a shadow.

The two women had no idea what had happened to their meeting today, including how Celine left, had been taken photos of.

Rachel hoped that Rachel was smart enough to understand what she had said, otherwise she would not have said so many words as today was the first time that she had said such words. Rachel felt that she had almost used all her strength on it.

A smart woman should not provoke another woman because of a man, but should focus on how to deal with her man.

But Rachel didn't expect that she would get a call from Jack that night.

She didn't know who was calling. As soon as she answered the phone and found it was "Hello", she heard Jack's cold voice, "Rachel! What did you say to her today?"

Hearing his cold and hurried tone, she was a little surprised. After a few seconds, she realized that the person on the other end of the phone was Jack. It seemed that this call was to blame for her.

Rachel slightly drooped her eyes and became a little disgusted, "You can ask Celine."

At the other end of the phone, Jack's face was tight, and his eyes were filled with a lot of anger. Not long after, Celine's whereabouts was sent to him by a man who was following Celine secretly.

Then Celine called and wanted to break up with him, but this time she didn't make too much noise and cried. After she finished talking, she directly hung up the phone. After that, no matter how many times Jack called, he still couldn't get through to her.

The suppressed anger in his heart for several days could not hold back. He called Rachel abruptly without any hesitation.

"Rachel, I'll keep that in mind. I'll talk to you after I come back!"

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