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   Chapter 20 You Are Well-informed

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After a short moment, Jack turned around and walked towards the elevator.

As soon as Rachel got back to the hospital, she started working. It was not until she finished a small operation that she realized she hadn't had her dinner yet.

After work, Rachel went upstairs to find Eric and took him out for dinner.

In the end, when Eric proposed to visit his new dorm, Rachel was distressed. She gave up the dorm for Eric in just one day. Because of this, the landlord took about half of the penalty.

But it was already very generous of the landlord. Rachel let Eric move to Times Square for work.

Besides, the Time Square was not far from her apartment. If there was anything, Rachel could call him and look after him more or less.

When the two arrived at their new apartment, Eric was very satisfied with the location and environment of the apartment. He was excited to plan how to add his favorite furniture.

When he was at home, he never needed to care about household items. When he first came out, Eric lived in the dormitory of the company. They lived together and didn't have time to decorate anything else.

It was the first time that Eric had a totally own nest in this world. He wore a blue and purple face and laughed silly. Rachel turned her head and couldn't bear to look at it.

Rachel had hired a housemaid to clean the apartment. After Eric removed the gauze on his hand and checked the wound, she found it would take a few more days. It was inconvenient for him to live on one hand. She could take care of him from time to time in the hospital, and she also hired a nurse to take care of him.

After visiting the apartment, Rachel sent him to the hospital. When she returned home, it was getting late.

Rachel came back home with exhaustion. She was stunned when she saw the light from the windows of the house was on.

She was startled and thought that she had lost her virginity to someone at home. But she then calmed down. She thought that a thief should not be so blatant.

This neighborhood was famous for its strict public security. From year to year, almost no one had stolen anything from its families.

Thinking of this, Rachel felt a little uneasy. She took a deep breath and went upstairs quietly.

When she went upstairs, the first security door of the staircase was not locked. Rachel made a close check and found that the door was open, instead of being pried.

Rachel was confused and had a vague guess, but she was not sure. She pushed the door open and went upstairs. When she arrived at the door, she reached out and twisted the doorknob.

The same stairs' security door was opened, and so was the other side. Rachel pushed the door open with a wooden stick, and the whole gate was dark.

But the living room ahead was bright. Rachel didn't change her shoes but walked in quietly. As soon as she entered the living room, she saw a man coming down from upstairs.

Rachel lowered the stick in her hand and looked at the extremely abrupt figure on the stairs in astonishment. "Why are you here?"

"I forgot my watch." Jack dropped his eyes on the stick she was holding, with an inquiring look in his eyes.

Rachel gave a little cough and hid the club behind her. "I thought it was a thief."

While glancing at her with an unfathomable gaze, Jack pursed his lips and nodded slightly, "Excuse me, I have found the jade seal. I'm leaving now."

"Well, then I won't walk you out."

Rachel didn't feel completely relieved until Rachel disappeared from her sight. She looked down at the stick in her hand, which looked a little bit funny.

She smiled, went downstairs and put the club back in the garage. When she came up, she locked the security door of the stairs.

The house Rachel had lived in was a small, lonely villa in the neighborhood, with a small garden, a garage, and two to three floors were the living sections.

If a thief really broke in just now, it was like a joke for her to come in with a wooden stick. If the thief really came in, what could a wooden stick be used for? The enemy could kill her directly if he had a knife in his hand.

Fortunately, the person who came in was Jack, but Rachel also reminded herself. She thought she would go to the security department tomorrow morning and ask them to check the security and alarm of the house.

Although this community was safe, it could not be 100% prevent accidents.

After a while, the car of Jack left the community and headed for the Bay Club.

When Jack arrived at the dining room, Michael, Marcus and Henry were there. A lot of people gathered around the party. When the late Jack came in, he was held to the table by a crowd of people.

Jack politely refused to get a cigarette from another person and sat down next to Henry. He rolled up his sleeve of his shirt, revealing his little strong arm.

Michael, who was sitting between them, stood up and took two clean glasses from the goblet shelf. He poured wine into them and handed one to Jack.

They clinked their glas

ses and the emerald liquid rippled gently.

The woman who had sharp eyes recognized the man at first sight was Jack. Everyone was ready to propose a toast and come up.

The woman were so close to each other that she wanted to say something sweet to Jack. But she was pushed away before she could say it out. She angrily looked up at the one who did it. It turned out that the person who pushed her away was the CEO of some financial tycoon group. She smiled stiffly and left.

This scene fell into the eyes of the other women in the room. After the woman returned to her seat, a burst of ridicule came to her.

The woman flushed with anger and slammed the glass on the table. She gritted her teeth and said, "Humph! You dare not fight with me. Instead, you laugh at me."

One of the crowd curled her lips and sneered, "Unlike you, we'd better behave ourselves. Everyone knows what Jack cares about only one woman."

The woman turned her face away with extreme disdain, but her heart was filled with jealousy. What she said was right. Most of the people in the circle knew who the lover of Jack was. And he even refused any other woman because of that woman!

But so what! Jack doted on Celine so much, but it turned out that he had made another woman his wife!

Jack was late. He made an apology to his friends for a while before coming back. When he sat down, Michael approached, "Well, I heard your father called you back?"

Jack looked at him coldly. "You are really well-informed."

Michael raised his eyebrows and smiled smugly. He pulled up a chair and sat next to Jack. "Your father told me this."

The Fu family and the Du family were old family friends. Their fathers grew up together. They got married one by one. Then they gave birth to their children. The two children also got together.

In the end, Vernon, the father of Michael, also bought a house in the community where Jack's family lived, so that the two old men would run every morning, have tea and play chess with each other from time to time.

Jack didn't find it strong. Perhaps his father couldn't help but show off to Vernon right away. Michael asked in a low voice, "Hey, is there any chance between you and Rachel?"

Hearing this question, Harry frowned subconsciously, and avoided this topic, "Don't ask such boring questions. I'll go to Yu Mountain tomorrow. Help me take care of Celine."

Hearing this, Michael wrinkled his brows. Although he didn't like Celine, he knew her very well.

In his opinion, Celine was too wilful!

So Michael didn't like her. When he heard that, he hesitated and asked, "Is she mad at you again?"

With an almost invisible smile at the corners of his mouth, Jack only pretended to acquiesce in her words. However, with a glass of wine in his hand, Marcus leaned backward and bypassed mark, holding the glass to invite Jack, "Cheers!"

Jack took up the goblet and gently touched it with his hand.

"Dr. Shen, the 306 2 bed of my room brought out the B-ultrasound film."

"Okay." Rachel flipped through the patient's medical record and took notes while raising her head, "Harvey, get me a glass of water and the prescription for relieving inflammation of the patient who came in yesterday. Reduce the quantity."

"Well, Doctor. Shen, will you join us for dinner after work?"

Rachel was about to come back when her phone rang. She put down her pen and took the phone. "Hello, this is Rachel."

The city in early spring liked rain very much. These days, the weather was wet and cold. When the night fell and the lights were lit, the steps were totally wet by the rain, and a dark moss stood on one side.

Rachel packed up her things and was about to go off work. But Eric kept quarreling in the room upstairs and said that he was almost hungry, so he has made 5 phone calls.

Rachel asked Eric to roll down himself and hang up the phone. Then Rachel went to the lounge and took off her coat. After that, she washed her hands, sanitized herself and put on her coat.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. The door wasn't closed when Rachel came in to change her clothes.

Before she came out of the lounge, a soft female voice came from outside and asked, "Excuse me, is Dr. Shen in?"

"Please enjoy your coffee."

Rachel said thanks to the waiter. Meanwhile, Celine's eyes fell on Rachel's long and white hands. Rachel took a sip of coffee leisurely and looked calm.

Looking at herself, from the glass reflection of the window leaves, Celine saw a woman who was uneasy. She bit her teeth slightly, looking humble and pitiful.

Celine pinched her thighs under the table, trying to look as generous and elegant as Rachel, rather than as weak as she was.

But some of the temperament was cultivated from childhood, and could not be pretended to be tough. Celine straightened his back and tried to make himself look more confident.

Rachel pretended that she didn't see all the strange expressions on Celine's face. She thought that she had guessed it right. Her 'stimulation' worked.

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