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   Chapter 17 I Slept In A Good Manner

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"Home?" Rachel was stunned, "Which one Home?"

Jack crossed his hands and sat on the sofa leisurely. He glanced at Rachel slowly with his deep eyes and asked, "How many home do you have?"

Of course the house of Fu Family.

Rachel was a little confused by the story. She walked two steps to Jack and sat next to him. "No, I didn't understand. Why did you suddenly say that?"

Jack pursed his lips slightly and stood up impatiently. "My father said that. You could talk to him if you don't want to."

It could be seen that Jack was also reluctant to accept the fact.

The content of Jonathan's talk with his son just now was nothing more than his marriage with Rachel to build a profound education for Jack.

Jack was extremely annoyed, not only because of this, but also because of the bad temper of Celine.

He didn't have the heart to do anything to Celine, and he didn't have the patience to keep coaxing her. Celine was born to torture him.

He left Celine's house sullenly and headed straight home.

During this period, Celine called Jack twice, but he refused to answer the first call, and the second call, he said coldly to Celine, "I'll go home with Rachel."

As he expected, Celine hung up at once.

Jack always had limited patience. This time, Celine made trouble for several days and he was worn out these days, so he didn't even try to coax her this time.

Tracy hurriedly asked the servants to clean up the room for her son.

This bedroom used to be Jack's room. After he got married, it was used when they lived here.

However, they had never stepped into this room together in the past five years.

As for staying overnight, Rachel was very uncomfortable and Jack went to take a shower.

She paced back and forth in the room for several times with great anxiety. But the situation here was not the same as in her home.

She could sleep on the sofa at her home, and there was no spare quilt for one of them to sleep on the ground.

It meant that they had to sleep together tonight.

This was the most annoying thing to Rachel at the moment. She didn't like to stay so close with others or sleep in the same bed with someone she didn't know.

Rachel's privacy was violated, which made her feel that it was not serious at the beginning but later one month after she went out for the training, she slept in the same dorm with her colleagues in other province.

The colleague didn't sleep well. Rachel had a light sleep and was almost awakened by the nightmare the first few nights. Either the colleague's hand was on Rachel's chest, or her foot was on Rachel's stomach.

Rachel didn't sleep well for the entire month. Every night she slept was like a nightmare.

Later, Rachel's problem got even more serious.

Suddenly, the door of the bathroom opened. Rachel took a deep breath and turned around.

With water drops falling from his naked upper body and body, Jack came out of the bathroom, wrapped in a bath towel. Seeing that, Rachel's eyes slightly opened.

It was hard to see that Jack's body was so good. His wide shoulders and thin waist, strong and smooth muscles, his strong arms were grabbing a towel and wiping his hair scattered everywhere. His abdominal muscles were firm without any trace of fat, and the eight abdominal muscles were indistinctly visible, not like a strong man's boil. Instead, he had a low-key tone.

He was obviously a gym expert. Rachel couldn't help but praise him in her heart. But she looked away soon.

It was true that Jack had a good figure, but that didn't change the fact that she hated to share a bed with others.

As if Jack hadn't noticed Rachel's gaze, Jack poured himself a glass of water and took off his pajamas in the coatroom.

However, Rachel was not as comfortable as he was. She waited outside for a while. When it was about the time, she went to the coatroom and knocked on the door.

After a short pause, Jack said, "Come in."

Rachel opened the door and saw that Jack had already changed into pajamas and was buttoning up in front of the mirror.

Jack was tall and strong, like a clothes rack, even the pajamas on his body seemed to have a board shape.

However, Rachel didn't have time to appreciate these, and she had to talk with Jack about it.

"What is it?"

"Did you Isn't there any other quilt for me tonight?"

Stunned for a while, Jack realized what Rachel meant. He pursed his thin lips and simply answered, "No."

After a moment of silence, Rachel suddenly looked up at Jack and said, "Jack, I'll help you find an excuse to leave the house tonight."

Jack looked at her in disbelief and sneered, "Are you insane? Why should I leave my home?"

"Don't you go to find Celine?"

"None of your business."

Rachel was so angry that she turned around and walked away. Seeing her like that, Jack frowned. He was about to walk away when Rachel came back.

She said expressionlessly, "I'm sorry to trouble you with


Subconsciously, Jack thought what she said was definitely not a good thing.

"Okay, that's it." Rachel scratched a straight line on the bed sheet with her hands, until she put her hands at the end of the bed. She breathed a sigh of relief and bowed to Jack, "Thank you very much. I hope I can make do with it."

Jack stood still at the bedside and looked at Rachel as if she was a monster.

That was the most ridiculous thing he had ever seen. When he slept with a woman, the woman drew a deep cross in the middle of his bed.

Rachel blinked and looked at him, "Is that okay? Do you feel wronged?"

But Jack just cast a cold glance at Rachel and didn't reply. On the thought of this, Rachel felt a little embarrassed. She clenched her fist against her lips and coughed.

"I sleep in a good manner. Don't worry. I won't cross the line. It's you..."

Before she finished her words, she saw that Jack lifted the quilt and lied down on the bed. He didn't say anything to her.

Rachel almost stood up and clapped her hands when she saw this. If he had acted earlier, she wouldn't have said such nonsense.

Then Rachel went to turn off the light. It might be difficult for her to fall asleep tonight.

Noticing that the bed beside him sank slightly, Jack slowly opened his eyes which were as silent as midnight.

Rachel pulled the glass a little closer and slowly.

Ten minutes later

Jack still didn't feel sleepy and wondered whether Rachel had fallen asleep.

Half an hour later, Jack opened his eyes again and turned his body from lying on his back to Rachel.

When he moved his body, he smelled faint fragrance from Rachel.

He felt very comfortable and closed his eyes. He hadn't had a relationship with any woman since he was together with Celine.

But, in the end, when Celine knew that he had been married with a woman, she refused to let him touch her no matter what he said.

"If you respect me, I'll sleep with you after the divorce," Celine said to him.

At that time, Jack treated Celine as a treasure, and he agreed with whatever she said.

As if he had owed someone else in his previous life, and she had the right to take all the rest of his life, he didn't have anyone to ask him to be willing to listen to anyone and endure everything.

However, it never occurred to Jack that Celine had made this unprecedented mistake. He had been tolerating it for nearly five years.

Who would believe it? Jack had been abstinent for nearly five years because of a woman.

In the darkness, he smiled silently.

In fact, Rachel didn't sleep. She kept her eyes open in the darkness. It was not because she was not sleepy. But when she closed her eyes, she could hear the slight breathing not far away from her.

She couldn't fall asleep. As soon as she closed her eyes, she felt her breathing become louder and more scaring.

Rachel turned over with her back to Jack.

They had never slept on the same bed before. Rachel didn't slept until dawn.

Rachel didn't know that Jack didn't fall asleep until that time.

Rachel woke up from her dream. The first thing she did when she got up was to reach her phone on the bedside table.

Before she touched it, she realized that she was not at home, but in the house of the Fu family. Looking at the sky outside the window, Rachel turned over and got up. It was late.

She took her phone from the bedside table and found that it was almost noon. She threw back the quilt and got out of bed to change her clothes in a hurry.

Jack, who was lying on the same bed, was awakened by her movement. He opened his eyes slightly and was still in his dream.

All of a sudden, Jack saw the familiar ceiling and the familiar voice.

Jack blinked his eyes and lay still on the bed.

He listened to the little movement in the room, the sound of running water in the bathroom, and the low voice of a woman when she answered the phone.

Her voice was as smooth as a song. Okay, okay, got it. Rachel said calmly.

Jack could almost imagine her answer with some expressions.

Then she hang up the phone, and he could hear the sound of running water again.

He guessed that Rachel must be washing her face now.

After a while, Jack felt bored again. He looked at the ceiling with his eyes open, and then he heard the footsteps coming out of the bathroom.

When Rachel walked towards the door, Jack couldn't lie down anymore and sat up from the bed. At this moment, Rachel closed the door and saw him sitting up.

She stopped, thinking that she might have woken him up. Rachel looked at him gently and apologetically, with her index finger putting against her lips. "It's all right. Go on sleeping."

When he saw the door slowly closing in front of him and Rachel's face was completely out of sight.

Suddenly, something hit his mind. He quietly sat for a while, and then decisively lay back. However, the quilt was full of a strange smell.

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