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   Chapter 14 I'll Fight You To The Death

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"I don't know how much you can indulge her, but You know, it's not good for a woman to be too wilful."

Jack's eyes were slightly cold. "Rachel, can you get the point? I don't need you to teach me how to deal with a woman."

Good, that's exactly what I want.

"I need your help, Jack." Rachel said and smiled.

"I don't care what you do with your woman. I just want you to help me to intimidate Eric that silly boy."

"I really don't understand what you women are thinking. Aren't you afraid that I will do something bad to Eric?" Jack asked jokingly.

Rachel smiled, "It doesn't matter. If anything happened to him, I will fight you to the death." Rachel voice was slowly and low, making people feel chill from the bottom of the heart.

Jack understood that she wasn't kidding.

The cynical smile on his face slowly faded away, and he looked at Rachel thoughtfully.

What kind of person was Rachel? She could grab the bottle and smash it into her brother's hand, and she could bargain with him.

Just when he thought that Rachel was willing to protect Eric and his family, she asked him to intimidate Eric.

Rachel's goal had been achieved. She was not afraid that Jack would really take this opportunity to get back at Eric. He was a rational man. But when the two persons played the game on Eric, she couldn't stand it anymore.

Instead of always worried about whether Eric would be involved in this matter, they'd better take actions against the opposite direction, so that Jack would set a warning line on his own to prevent Eric from crossing the line.

Everyone was afraid of death. In addition to her previous warnings, Jack warned Eric whether he meant it or not.

This together could let Eric not be engaged in this love relationship with Celine.

However, for the time being, Jack could not figure out why Rachel was thinking like that, and the mobile phone on the table began to vibrate again.

After Rachel finished these words to him, she stood up and was about to go back to her room to sleep. While taking the phone, Jack said casually to her, "Help me take one more quilt and I'll sleep here tonight."

Rachel was shocked and looked back, only to see that Jack stood up from the sofa and strode towards the balcony with his phone in his hand. The door of the bedroom was opened, and a low but gentle voice came into her ears along with the night wind.

She didn't believe the obvious impatience on Jack's face before he answered the phone just now.

Sometimes men had two faces. Perhaps, they were different to their lovers.

Rachel didn't want to talk with Jack anymore. In their wedding room, it was almost the first time that Jack came to see her.

Rachel was the only one living here and it was impossible for her to have two beds.

Even if there were some other rooms, they hadn't been cleaned.

With a big down jacket, the bed was big enough for them to sleep on.


Rachel stood there for a while, holding the quilt in her arms. Finally, she decided to go out.

After the phone call, Jack outside was walking upstairs, loosening his tie.

Rachel stopped at the stairway and asked, "Jack, would you like to sleep in the living room tonight?"

When Jack was about to go upstairs, he was stunned again and raised his head. He saw Rachel standing on the stairs with a quilt and her face was a little serious.

Jack pursed his lips with a smile, loosened his tie and looked up at Rachel with languid yet sarcastic eyes. "Rachel, I just want to borrow a bed to sleep with you. Why are you so lofty?"

And she put on a stealthy face at him. This woman was thinking too much.

Rachel said, holding the down jacket in her hands to prevent it from falling onto the ground, "fine, I'll sleep on the sofa."

With a twist of his mouth, Jack suddenly took a few steps upstairs until he stood in front of her.

Oppressed by his height, Rachel had to take a step back. Seeing this, Jack opened his mouth slightly and said with a smile, "Rachel, we are legally married."

"it's not seemed." Rachel frowned slightly. She didn't like the aggressive way Jack approached her, so she held the quilt and moved two steps back.

"Yes, we are legally married couple." Rachel raised her head and looked straight into Jack's eyes. There was no emotion in her eyes. "But it seems that it has nothing to do with the thing of borrowing a bed? Don't change the topic so fast. I can't follow you."

Jack curled his lips. He hadn't seen such an honest person for a long time.

He put his hands in pockets, leaned over and whispered in Rachel's ear, "Then, is there any problem for us to sleep together?"

Rachel slightly lifted her long eyelashes and glanced at him, expressionless. "Oh." Rachel continued to move backward and said, "I don't like to sleep with other people. Please don't mind. I'll sleep on the sofa and you can have the bed."

With his eyebrows slightly twitched, a sudden impulse came into his mind. Jack really wanted to put his hands on her neck and shake her.

It was really She was so dull and inarticulate.

Rachel turned a blind eye to Jack's unkind face. She put the glass in

his hand and patted him on the shoulder as if she was encouraging him. "I'll borrow you my bed tonight, but I don't have a pillow."

She turned back to get her glass. Then, with the quilt in his arms, Jack stood stiffly at the foot of the stairs.

Jack closed his eyes and thought to himself, 'This woman must be playing tricks on me. She must be playing tricks on me.'

Jack took a deep breath and went to the bedroom with the quilt. He wouldn't know which room it was if the door wasn't open.

When he was about to enter the door, he saw Rachel was about to come out with her quilt in her arms, which was obviously larger than him. Jack couldn't even see her head.

When he moved his body upwards, Rachel carried the quilt, walked past him and went downstairs without looking sideways.

Standing still for a while and making sure that it was not a trick, Jack went to the bedroom.

This bedroom, which was typical of women, had never been visited by Jack before.

But it was still very cold. There was nothing but a bed, a wardrobe and an air-conditioner on the wall.

After standing for a while, Jack began to doubt that he had come to the wrong place.

Was this a hotel or a woman's bedroom?

Jack pursed his lips, put the quilt on the bed and looked around. The room was exactly the same as Rachel's, cold and tasteless.

Jack spread out the quilt and wondered what Rachel said was true. She didn't even leave him a pillow.

After he took off his watch and put it on the head of the bed, he went out and leaned against the railing on the second floor, seeing that Rachel was bending over and making her bed.

Each corner of the bed was clean and tidy, as if no one slept on it.

Jack rubbed his forehead with one hand and wondered what kind of eccentricity this woman had.

"Rachel, when do you start tomorrow?"

Rachel paused a little and looked up, "About half past six."

"Okay, just in time." After a short pause, Jack added, "The Fu family's driver will come and knock on your door at about nine o'clock. Remember to clean the living room. Don't let him see you sleep on the sofa."

"Wait!" Rachel straightened her back and asked, "why would the driver come?"

"At father's request." Rachel had no questions after hearing this.

No wonder Jack suddenly told her that he would be here tonight. It turned out that someone would come to check him tomorrow.

Rachel turned off the lights and lay down. However, before she closed her eyes, she was afraid that she would disappoint Lord Fu. No matter how well the performance was, it couldn't be true.

She didn't know how many ridiculous couples like them been in a relationship.

Rachel didn't know how long she would wait to ask for a divorce. Maybe it was the day she met someone she liked.

She might have to wait for a long time until his lordship died, or her marriage with him was over.

Jack didn't want his father to be sad, so did Rachel. This was the only common knowledge they reached to protect their marriage.

Although they didn't see each other often in the past five years, they always appeared in a harmonious way in front of Jonathan.

Although both of them knew in secret that they were not as good as strangers, Jonathan still pretended that he didn't know.

Rachel thought that maybe she could get rid of this shackles as long as Jack and Celine can be recognized.

But this was only her thought. After all, she had nothing to do with what happened between them.

Rachel didn't wake up until dawn. She turned off her phone alarm clock, got up on time, brushed her teeth and washed her face, then made herself a cup of warm water and drank it slowly.

Jack's comment was right. She was a boring woman in life.

She did things according to a timetable every day, doing what she was supposed to do. They were quite squeamish about not staying up late in bed and not being late for work.

Lea said that Rachel looked like a monk although she was 25.

Rachel totally disagreed with her. She thought she had a good lifestyle. There was no resemblance between her and a monk.

When Rachel finished her yoga, it was around 7:30 pm. Rachel drank a cup of water and ate her breakfast.

When she was doing yoga on the second floor, Jack leaned against the fence and watched her silently until she went into the kitchen.

Jack raised his hand and looked at his watch. It was only 7:30 in the morning. The woman had the same life style as his father.

'should I bring a newspaper here? Jack took a deep breath, turned around and went downstairs.

When Rachel carefully turned over the eggs, she heard the voice of Jack. Jack raised his hand and knocked at the door and said politely, "help me to make a meal."

"The sandwich and soybean milk. Would you like some?"


Well, Rachel hated those guys who were picky and always asked for help, such as Eric.

Rachel came out quickly and two breakfasts were served on the table. They took their breakfasts by each side without disturbing each other.

The thing between them always seemed strange. They were either indifferent to each other or tit for tat to each other.

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