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   Chapter 11 For Her

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A clear voice came from the door. Rachel walked in leisurely. She glanced at Eric in the beginning and kept on staring at Jack.

Without any changes in his act, Jack looked up at Rachel.

Rachel rushed here from the parking lot almost all the way. She didn't expect that Jack would hit Eric so hard.

Seeing that Eric's face was swollen and Jack's foot was stepping on his hand, Rachel felt nervous. But she was calmer than before.

"I have to get it settled today," said Jack, looking deeply into Rachel's eyes without any emotion in his black eyes.

Hearing her words, Rachel shifted her eyes from Jack to Celine, and found that Celine was still as indifferent as before. She couldn't help but burst into laughter, "Yes, it's time to put an end to it."

Rachel slowly approached Jack, even her body clung to him and said, "It's for her, isn't it?"

Celine's face changed abruptly, staring at Rachel.

Rachel suddenly raised her head and gently kissed Jack.

She looked at Jack's eyes and he had no reaction. That's even better. Rachel bit hard on Jack's lips.

With a gleam shining in his eyes, Jack kept staring at Rachel.

It seemed that time had stopped at this moment.

'what happened? Someone kissed my boss?' they wondered?

Jack's men were in a daze beside. They still didn't come to themselves. Even Eric was stunned by the scene.

"What, what are you doing?" Celine watched the scene in disbelief. It was so irritating. How dare Rachel does that? Why didn't Jack say anything? Shouldn't he push away Rachel?

Rachel moved her lips away from Jack's and deliberately raised her lips. "Miss Duan, you are asking a strange question. We are husband and wife. Isn't it normal for us to make out?"

Celine's heart was filled with anger, only to feel that the smile on Rachel's face was a complete irony to her.

As for Jack, he didn't push away but let Rachel insult her like that. Looking at his indifferent and indifferent face, Celine felt wronged, tears welling up in her eyes.

"Didn't you say that you two were just a superficial couple? How could you... "

"Miss Duan, have you just mind your own business? It's our marriage!" Before Celine could finish her words, Rachel raised her eyebrows and looked at her. Rachel paused for a second and then looked at Celine sharply all of a sudden, "By the way, why did Miss Duan ask my brother out today?"

At this time, Celine's attention was completely on the word "couple" and without enough time to think about the question of Rachel, she blurted out, "of course I ask him out to accompany me."

"So, Miss Duan, are you satisfied with today's result?" Rachel asked coldly.

But Rachel's words brought Celine back to reality.

What was the result? What was the result? No matter what she did, she could not change the fact that Jack was married.

Celine stared at Jack in amazement.

Jack, on the other hand, stood still silently, as if this matter had nothing to do with him. Actually, he cared about Celine very much.

However, he was waiting for Rachel's next move. He just wanted to see what tricks Rachel was going to play.

Celine looked painfully at the 'couple' in front of her. If it weren't for Jack's acquiescence, Rachel wouldn't have done such an obvious demonstration.

"It seems that you've figured it out, Miss Duan." "No matter what you have done is in vain. It is true that I have been married to him. Unless I want a divorce. "

"Divorce? Will they divorce?" What did Rachel mean by saying that?

Rachel said in a negotiable tone, "If I have a good reason, I can agree to divorce."

Seeing that Celine was looking at her, Rachel changed her tone a little and said regretfully, "But it seems that Jack is not willing to divorce yet."

After hearing what Rachel said, there was still something that Celine didn't understand. At that time, Jack said that he would marry someone else for the sake of his family. He said that he would find a way to divorce her if there was an opportunity.

However, even after five years, Jack still didn't do anything.

He might have feelings for Rachel for a long time. No, Rachel grew up in the Fu family and they were childhood sweethearts. By contrast, her relationship with Jack was nothing.

Tears streamed down Celine's face. She was just deceiving herself. She knew deep in her heart that Jack did not love her at all.

She had tried so hard to test him, and perhaps in the eyes of others, she was just a joke. "Am I a fool?" Celine said to herself.

How ridiculous! All of this was beyond her imagination! The reason why she invited Eric to come here was that she wanted to see how Jack would react.

But now, since

Rachel came, he had been silent, silent.

Jack didn't deny what Rachel had said, not even one.

Suddenly, Celine broke free from Jack's grip, pushed him away and ran out of the door.

But it was out of expectation that Jack didn't chase after Celine, instead, he took a step back.

The room suddenly became quiet without Celine.

Seeing Jack standing still, Eric turned over and sat up.

"Are you satisfied with the result?" Hearing Jack's deep voice, Eric paused for a while and then sat up slowly.

Rachel glanced at Eric and said slowly, "If you are satisfied, I will be."

Sitting on the carpet, Eric rolled his eyes and didn't understand what they were talking about at all. He just felt confused.

"I just said a few words, but she was so angry. It's much better than you stirring up trouble with Eric." "How about making a deal with me?"

Hearing what Rachel said, Jack curled his lips, like a smile, or like a mockery of Rachel's over confidence. He said with a voice that sounded joking, "What if I don't agree?"

On the other hand, Rachel was not in a hurry. She had been waiting for an answer from Jack, "As long as you are satisfied with your current situation, you should know that only I can change your current situation."

Celine must have her own plans. As long as I irritated her, she would feel wronged. It was easy to arouse her emotions.

In fact, Jack's purpose was to let Celine realize her feelings for him, so that she couldn't live without him.

Both of them were thinking how to test how to provoke each other. It was so stupid in the eyes of Rachel.

It had nothing to do with her, and she didn't care what they wanted to do. However, Eric became the chess pieces of their actions. If both Jack and Celine took him as a chess piece, Rachel would deliberately put on airs as the wife of Jack.

"Obviously, your relationship needs a breakthrough at present."

Looking at the man in front of her, Rachel thought to herself, 'There is a widely acknowledged saying in business field that Jack is heartless and cruel. But for so many years, he still can't win a woman's heart. Maybe it's because of his EQ, or maybe he just cares too much about Celine.'

"You'd better let me help you rather than playing tricks on Eric. I believe that you will get an unexpected result if I take action. Celine's reaction today is the best proof. "

Rachel was confident that Jack would definitely agree after what she did just now. "Celine cares about her status as Mrs. Fu. And what makes her most uneasy is my existence. I'm Mrs. Fu. I don't think Celine will tolerate any crazy behavior of me. And I believe that Celine will definitely change her target and try to find a new target from me after today. You'd better prepare yourself well, Mr. Fu. Your attitude will decide your relationship then."

From this afternoon, Rachel had been thinking about how to stop Celine from seeing Eric. So what she had done just now was not completely for the sake of negotiating with Jack.

The first step of her plan was to make Celine realize that it was useless to keep an eye on Eric, and that she, Rachel, was the real obstacle to prevent her from looking at Eric. As long as Celine didn't take advantage of Eric anymore, no matter how obsessed Eric was, it would be useless.

As for Jack, as long as she could persuade him, he would not pay attention to Eric, either. He should know that she was the key in their relationship.

Jack raised his eyebrows and thought that Rachel was really a calculating woman. He began to admire her. Was this woman still the same Rachel who was numb in the corner?

His impression of Rachel was the same as years ago when she was brought home by his grandpa quietly. At that time, except a few greetings from time to time, he seldom talked to her.

After he went abroad and came back, Rachel had moved out of the house of Fu. So in the heart of Jack, Rachel was just a familiar stranger.

But today, this woman was bold enough to make a deal with him.

"You just don't want to see Celine's eyes on Eric. Now that you have done it, you don't need to make any deal with me." But it was not easy for Jack to make a deal with Rachel. This deal was dispensable. Without her help, he could achieve his goal.

That's right. The deal could not be forced. However, Rachel didn't want to be entangled by the affair of Jack all day long, because it was time to have an end.

Rachel would rather get involved now than stay in the dark and end up being framed by Jack. Of course, it would be best if she could take the initiative.

"Celine may come to me tomorrow. As Mrs. Fu, I think you should know how I will deal with her."

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