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   Chapter 10 Let Mr. Shen In

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"Take the key. I'm going back to work."

Rachel sent Eric to the newly rented room and handed him the key.

"Okay, okay." Eric even hoped that Rachel could leave the hospital as soon as possible. He wanted to go out for some fresh air.

After Rachel went out, Eric couldn't wait to close the door. After a while, he changed his clothes and went out.

At this time, it was completely dark outside. Eric also had nowhere to go but went out for a drink or something.

Meanwhile, in JH Bar, Celine was drinking alone.

The restaurant had begun to be bustling, and people on the dancing floor were twisting their bodies crazily. Celine looked at these people in a daze, as if the first time she met with Jack here, too.

She was deceived by Jack. He said he loved her and he would deal with everything well. Nonsense! Those were all lies.

If he really loved her, why did he let Rachel humiliate her.

When it occurred to her what Rachel had said this afternoon, it was obvious that Rachel looked down upon her. In Rachel's eyes, she was a shameless mistress.

So what? I don't care if you look down on me or not. You are Jack's wife, and Jack didn't take you seriously. Celine smiled and made a phone call.

Since you care so much about that brother, I will play with him. Celine took a sip of wine, waiting for Eric to answer the phone.

Eric was having dinner at a restaurant in the neighborhood. He has called several friends but they all told him that they had no time. So Eric could only eat alone.

All of a sudden, his phone rang. Eric picked it up and had a look. The frustration on his face was swept away.

"Why did you call me, Celine?"

At the other end of the line, Celine laughed, "What's wrong? Can't I even call you?"

"No, no, I mean, you haven't called me before, I'm very happy now."

Celine sighed helplessly, "I can't go to see you, so I call to comfort you."

As long as she could capture Eric, no matter how arrogant Rachel was, Rachel would have nothing to do with her. This time, she wanted to see what on earth Jack would do.

Hearing this, Eric's eyes brightened up. He said cheerfully, "I'm out of the hospital now. You don't need to come here. We You can make another appointment. "

Celine's smile deepened, "well, I'm in JH Bar now. Would you like to come?"

"Okay, I'll be right there." Hearing this, Eric answered without hesitation in a pleasant voice.

Celine hung up the phone and drank a glass of beer. She knew that Jack must have arranged someone around her, not to mention in a place like JH Bar. She didn't know what Eric would do next.

When she thought of the unexpected action that Rachel did in order to appease the anger of Jack last time, and she didn't know what tricks Rachel would have this time, and if Jack would forgive Rachel, she suddenly looked forward to it.

In a hurry, Eric arrived at JH Bar As soon as he got in. he saw Celine sitting in a quiet corner, full of joy on his face. He said, "Celine, why are you here today? And why do you drink so much?"

Asked Eric worriedly as he saw the bottles on the table.

"I'm bored, so I come here for a drink. Have a seat." Then, Celine picked up a cup of beer and gulped it down.

Eric sat down and randomly picked up a bottle of beer. When he was about to fix his thirsty, he was stopped by Celine.

"You have wounds on your hand. It seems that you can't drink wine."

Eric remembered that his sister had reminded him not to drink, but he came to the bar unexpectedly. How could he not drink, not to mention to accompany Celine? "It's all right. It's not a big deal." Then he took a swig.

Celine looked at the red scar on the back of his hand, which was still shocking.

"Let me have a look. It's all my fault that you got hurt so badly." Celine took Eric's hand and checked.

"It's none of your business. Blaming Jack for his bullying others with his power." said Eric indifferently. Eric was very pleased to see Celine cared about him so much. As long as he could draw her attention, it was worthwhile to get a little injury.

"It has almost recovered. My sister is a good doctor. This kind of injury is nothing to me."

When Celine heard Rachel's name, she hand stopped. She pretended to say unintentionally, "Your sister hurt you too much. Actually, I was trying to save you. We don't need her to do that."

"My sister is awesome! That's why she did that!" said Eric, laughing.

The smile on Celine's face suddenly froze, and she choked in one breath. Why didn't Eric understand what she meant by saying? Eric was concerned about Rachel. 'What a fool!'

Rachel should feel sorry for her little brother. However, only such a stupid person was easy to control.

"Miss Duan."

Suddenly, a voice interrupted Celine's imagination. She raised her head and saw two people in black shirt standing at the table. These two people were working for Jack, weren't they? Celine didn't expect to receive the message so soon.

Celine asked with a cold face, "What do you want?"


We are here to ask Mr. Shen to come up." A man in Black said expressionlessly.

"What are you going to do? We don't know you at all. Get out of here!" Celine said in panic.

Eric had seen the two men. They were exactly the subordinates of Jack. He didn't do anything today, so he was not afraid of them.

But when he saw the fear on Celine's face, he comforted her at once, "Don't worry. I'm fine. I'll go upstairs with them. You don't have to worry about me." Then he stood up.

Celine was still in a fluster, but she didn't stop them. Instead, she said, "If you dare to do anything, I'll call the police right away."

After Eric went far away, Celine recovered to her former self. She drank calmly while listening to the concert on the stage.

When it was time to go, Rachel picked up her phone and made a call.

When Rachel got the call, she was walking out of the emergency room.

Why did Celine call? Rachel had a hunch that something bad would happen.

"What is it?" She had given up on her relationship with Celine, so she didn't want to pretend to be cordial to him. In any case, they couldn't become friends.

"I just want to inform you that I just saw that Eric was taken away by someone sent by Jack." Celine's voice was filled with imperceptible complacence.

Rachel frowned slightly. What did Jack want to do? Eric had just been discharged from the hospital.

"Where are you?"

"Oh, I am in JH hotel. I think Jack has taken him upstairs."

JH Bar? She had warned Eric not to drink during this period of time. How could he forget it in such a short time?

"Did you ask him out?"

"Rachel, you care about your brother, don't you? I think you'd better come as soon as possible." said Celine unhurriedly.

When Rachel hung up the phone, she was still confused about everything. She was sure that Celine deliberately invited Eric to meet her in JH Bar. Rachel was sure that she must have done something that went too far this time. Rachel held her phone tightly. This woman just wouldn't let it go. Do you really think that there's nothing I can do with you?

Rachel sneered. She went back to her office and changed her clothes. Then she asked another colleague to cover her shift and drove to JH Bar.

When Jack answered a phone call from his subordinate, he was about to look for Celine, but he didn't expect her to go to JH Bar today. However, it turned out that the person who dated her was Eric. It seemed that last time the lesson was not enough, so there was no need to be polite.

Then he asked his men to take care of Eric. Then he started the engine and slowly drove to golden city.

But, Celine was still sitting in the corner, waiting for her Jack no matter whether he was there or not.

As soon as Jack came in, he saw Celine. No matter how crowded the crowd was, he could find her at the first glance. This woman had a characteristic.

"Here you are! Ask your subordinates to release Eric." said Celine with a cold face.

"Well, you stay here with me. Then I will release Eric."

The corners of Jack's mouth curved slightly, and there was an inexplicable temptation in his voice.

Celine took a deep breath, "Jack, you're going too far. It's my freedom to meet anyone."

As if Jack hadn't heard Celine, Jack walked up to her and took her hand, saying, "Let's go. Have a look at your date."

Then he pulled Celine up to the second floor.

It was still the antique room, but the light in the room was dim, and the classical furniture seemed to be covered with a thin layer of gauze, bringing a hazy beauty.

But obviously, the person in the room was not that kind of elegant. When Celine, who followed Jack, entered the room, he was shocked and gasped.

Eric was kneeling on the floor, with one hand on his stomach and the other one on the floor. They surrounded him, and one of them stepped on Eric's back. Hearing the voice, Eric raised his head with difficulty. His face was beaten black and blue, and he could hardly recognize who he was.

That was just what Celine saw when she came in. She didn't expect that Jack would hit Eric so seriously. Celine was a little worried about Eric, but on the other hand, she felt a little bit excited. She couldn't wait to see how Rachel would react when she saw this.

Holding Celine's hand, Jack walked up to Eric. He looked down at him and said indifferently, "Do you want to drink with Celine? Hmm?"

He took a quick glance at Eric's wounded hand and stepped on it with his tiptoe, and said, "You forget the pain once you get a scar."

Eric raised his head, stared at Jack and said, "If you dare, just kill me."

Hearing what Eric said, Jack rolled his eyes and thought to himself, 'This little guy is really brave. He put forth strength to his foot, slowly rubbing Eric's injured palm.'

Eric trembled with pain, gritted his teeth and glared at Jack in silence.

Celine turned her head somewhat reluctantly. When she was about to walk away, her hand was grasped tightly by Jack.

"What do you want, Jack?"

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