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   Chapter 9 An Unpleasant Ending

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In the end, they broke up in discord.

After returning to her office, Rachel planned to find another apartment for Eric, which was closer to the hospital for her to take care of him in case anything bad happened to him.

Besides, I have Eric on my side. I don't think Celine dares to be so arrogant!'

Rachel called one of Eric's friends and asked them to find a house for Eric.

After she hung up the phone, Rachel went to complete the discharging formalities for Eric.

Then she went to Eric's ward.

Sitting on the bed and feeling bored, Eric saw Rachel and quickly asked, "Sister, where have you been? Where is Celine?"

Seeing her little brother's careful expression, Rachel suddenly felt powerless. Eric knew very well that she didn't want to hear him mention Celine, but he just wanted to know.

Who should she blame? Her brother was like a little boy now. He did everything by force. And these two men were selfish and didn't care about others' feelings.

"You can leave the hospital soon." Rachel said coldly.

"Really? Really?" He was so bored these days that he stayed in the ward all day long.

"Eric, I warn you the last time. Stop seeing Celine. Otherwise, I can't save you even if Jack comes to you again." Rachel said seriously.

"It's about me and Nelson. I like him and he is willing to stay with me. It's none of your business." Eric was not convinced. He believed that Jack had bullied people just with his power. He made a mistake last time because of his carelessness. Now he was seeing Celine seriously. There was no reason for Jack to step in.

However, as for Jack, he was a scumbag. He had been married to his sister, yet he was still so brazen in pursuing Celine in front of so many people. Eric just didn't understand why his sister would marry such a man, "Sister, that man, Jack is not a good person. He didn't take you seriously. You should divorce him."

Rachel didn't expect that Eric would ask her to divorce, "What do you know? Don't talk nonsense as a kid." She had her own plan about her relationship with Jack. It was not easy to make their relationship clear.

"I don't understand. It's not an

obvious thing. You don't look like a couple at all. Besides, I'm already over twenty. I'm not a kid."

"Did he force you? Still unwilling to divorce you?"

Rachel had grown up in the Fu Family. The Fu family members seemed to be very kind and grateful to her. However, Jack had no feelings for her, but still insisted on getting married. It

has ruined her life. The Fu family was not kind.

Rachel didn't expect that Eric would have such a guess. He had always been impulsive when he did things. If he went to see Jack, things would be more confused.

"You just need to take care of yourself. You can't even protect yourself now. Why do you still bother thinking my things? When can you focus on your work or career? Only when you have a clear understanding of Celine, can you have a real growth full of you.

Rachel checked the wound on Hiram's hand again. It was almost healed. She only needed to apply medicine on time every day.

"I'll take you out of the hospital later. I have found a house for you. From now on, you can live there quietly."

"What?" Eric frowned and thought that his sister must have found a place to supervise him. "I like to live in the dormitory of the company now. I..."

"Don't worry. I will share half of the rent for you."

Eric wanted to tell her that he couldn't afford the rent, but he was stopped by Rachel before he could finish his words. So he had to shut his mouth and pretended to be obedient.

"Have a good rest. I'll take you out of the hospital soon." Rachel walked out of the room as she didn't want to talk with Eric any more.

Her marriage was so absurd and sensitive that no one would believe it. If Eric knew it, he would make a scene. They had been together for such a long time, so she could tell from his words that Eric didn't like the Fu family.

Watching his sister walking out of the room, Eric felt that there must be something wrong between them as long as he mentioned her relationship with Jack. He thought that as a ruthless man, perhaps his sister had been threatened by Jack.

One day, he would figure out everything about Fu family. By that time, he would not let go of Jack.

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