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   Chapter 8 He's Coveting My Woman

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Michael stopped abruptly. Office? Alone?

Then he looked at Rachel. She was so serious that it looked like she was seeing a patient. Rachel was just like the way she checked Celine's wound, serious and indifferent.

It was not a good omen. Michael thought that the marriage between Jack and Rachel was nothing but a formality. It didn't seem like that. Perhaps it was because of Jack's excessive actions recently that Rachel was about to lose her temper. Just like how Rachel did to Celine just now.

Michael was curious about what Rachel would say to Jack

There were several outstanding men standing in the corridor, and the beautiful young lady, Celine, undoubtedly attracted many people's attention.

That night, when Boris came to the emergency room with Celine in his arms, he made quite a scene. At this time, several nurses recognized them. On their way, some looked curiously, while some were whispering.

The rest people stood still in shock and all turned to look at Jack.

Celine gave a snort, "then I'll go first."

Then she turned around and left.

Looking at Celine's back until she was out of sight, Rachel looked at Rachel calmly, "you should go now."

Michael still wanted to follow them to hear what they were going to say. He was a little upset when he was called away by Jack. But Rachel had to go to work now, so he couldn't wait for her all the time. So he had to leave with Marcus.

Rachel went back to her office and changed her clothes. She then took off her white gown and came to the cafe near the hospital.

Following the sight of several waitresses in the shop, it was easy to find Jack.

Wherever he went, he would attract a lot of people's attention, but they didn't dare to approach him, only liked to look at him from afar and from time to time.

Rachel had noticed this for a long time. Wherever she was, as long as Jack was there, she could find him quickly.

Rachel then took a seat opposite Jack.

Soon, a waitress came over. Noticing that Jack had ordered a cup of black coffee, she then wanted a cup of water.

As a doctor, Rachel was very picky about the food and anything harmful to the body. She did not like to have that. For example, Rachel didn't like the fact that Jack smoked. Whenever he smoked, she would try to avoid him.

The music was light and soothing. Jack took a sip of coffee unconcernedly, with indescribable elegance and nobility. Many customers would even come over occasionally.

"Go ahead," A deep and mellow voice sounded.

Rachel looked at him in surprise. She thought Jack would wait for her to speak qui

etly, but it seemed that he was impatient.

After the waiter brought the water to the table, Rachel said, "It's very simple. Please don't aim your anger at Eric any more."

Jack smiled as if he had heard a big joke.

"He's coveting my woman. Why can't I keep an eye on him?"

"You should know that there is no possibility at all between Celine and him."

Jack didn't protest.

Rachel fixed her eyes on Jack and said, "My brother didn't come to see her voluntarily these days."

"I know, so you don't have to be nervous."

"Celine comes every day to stir up trouble. How can I not be nervous?" All of a sudden, Rachel couldn't stand his indifferent attitude to her, as if Eric was just an insignificant person and Jack could do whatever he wanted.

It suddenly dawned on Rachel that they were from wealthy families and most of them didn't care about others' lives. As long as an ordinary person didn't get in their way, they could settle accounts with each other and find out the truth.

In the past, Rachel didn't care about their affairs, so she ignored them. But now, she cared, because now the target was her younger brother.

"It's obvious that Celine doesn't like my brother. Why does she come here every day and bring me soup and water? I'm sure you know her purpose."

"I admit, what you said this afternoon is quite correct," said Jack in a low and deep voice

"So, you know clearly that all these things are to sound out Celine's plans, but you still play with her and even cut down my brother's hands, aren't you?" Rachel looked calm, but her voice was trembling.

"If she wants to test me, let her have a try."

Just a few simple words came out, but made Rachel feel creepy, the cold breath all the way climbed along her waist.

Rachel looked at Jack's dark eyes and her eyes were blurred. She had known this man since childhood, but she felt that he was very strange now.

For a woman, for their so-called love game, how many people did Jack want to plot?

Jack agreed to marry her because he thought it was not the right time. For five years, they were legally married.

In the past five years, Rachel didn't ask for too much. She just hid from Celine, and when the time came, she would quit.

But now, they came to realize that their relationship was on the spur of the moment. Even though Jack knew Eric was her younger brother, he still didn't stop Celine from finding his younger brother. They were a good match!

With her eyelids looking straight and her mouth curving slightly, Rachel smiled and said, "Don't think that you can control everything, Jack."

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