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   Chapter 7 Jack, Wait

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With a bunch of flowers in his hand, Michael was staring at Rachel. Marcus still smiled as usual, and as for Jack, he had a long face and pressed his thin lips. There was already dark emotion in his eyes.

Rachel slightly shifted her eyes and was about to open the door. She had to see the patient during working time.

Michael was the most talkative one. Of course he spoke first. It was the first time that he had heard Rachel speak so much. Besides, no one belittled herself in front of a mistress.

But before Michael could open his mouth, Rachel interrupted, "This is the hospital, don't make a noise."

Michael was still holding his breath. He wanted to say something, but he held it back. He didn't feel good.

Even the two bodyguards standing at the door changed their faces.

Rachel had just shut the door and rebuked someone, but now she did not allow anyone to talk about it.

Michael could not help mumbling, "you can do whatever you want, but deprive me of my lawful rights."

Rachel took a glance at him and said nothing. She just sat in front of the office desk and started to sort out the documents, doing whatever she was supposed to do.

"Why are you here?" Although Celine was stunned at the beginning, she became calm now except for her voice.

Jack glanced at Celine slightly, and then looked at Rachel, "come and see Eric."

Rachel put down her pen and looked up at Jack.

"Yes, yes, we are here to visit Eric. Which ward is he in?" Michael returned to his usual cynical smile.

Rachel didn't know what their purpose was, but she still took them to Eric's ward.

Michael said to Eric with a grin after he arranged the flower.

At the same time, Jack glanced at Eric and didn't say a word from beginning to end.

'Is this the right attitude to visit a patient?' Rachel watched aside. She really didn't want to slander Jack, but his recent behaviors really made her angry. What he did had nothing to do with her, but when it came to her brother, Rachel couldn't keep silent.

When Jack saw the thermos bottle on the cabinet, his face turned colder.

"I made some more soup. Knowing that Eric was here, I brought him some." Celine continued, unafraid of Jack.

Rachel was so an

gry that she almost wanted to slap Celine. Celine had stirred up trouble on purpose.

When they heard Celine's words, they all turned silent.

Jack looked at Eric, seeming to soften his cold face, but his words sounded frightening. "It seems this is a blessing in disguise."

Perhaps it was because of Jack's oppressive manner. Eric sat on the bed, neck shrank and smiling with no sound.

Eric was like a fool in others' eyes.

Michael noticed Eric's hand and looked at it carefully. After a while he asked, "Rachel, how's his wound?"

"Nothing." Rachel replied coldly.

"The why did he need to stay in hospital for so many days?"

"For in-hospital observation."

Rachel didn't want to talk to them at all. She just wanted them to leave as soon as possible. She was a little impatient.

She thought of something else. She had tried her best to put Eric in hospital these days, but when she saw Celine coming everyday, did Jack think that she was creating a chance for Celine and Eric.

Every day, Rachel put on a long face to Celine. However, Celine insisted on coming, and it was out of her control. Besides, the two leaders from the sects Jack sent knew exactly how she forced Celine to leave the sect.

Hearing her words, Michael became quiet. Rachel was in a bad mood today. Although she still wore a long face, she seemed not in a good mood.

For a moment, the atmosphere in the room was somewhat subtle.

"Since you are all right, let's go." Jack then held on to Celine's hand and left.

This time, Celine didn't struggle and let Jack hold her hand.

Michael exchanged a glance with Marcus, and then followed.

Suddenly, an idea crossed her mind. She guessed that perhaps the reason why Jack came here today was that he wanted to take Celine away.

"Please wait for me, Jack." Rachel stopped Jack at the door.

Jack stopped a few steps ahead.

The other people turned around to look at Rachel curiously.

"I have something to tell you." Rachel walked up, glanced at the people around her and continued, "let's have a talk."

Michael turned around and walked towards Rachel's office before Jack said yes.

Rachel glanced at Celine and said to her seriously, "you come here alone."

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