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   Chapter 5 I Really Love Her

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Standing in front of Rachel, with a gentle smile on his handsome face, Marcus said, "let me send you back."

Rachel shook her head and said, "No."

It seemed that Marcus was not surprised by her refusal. He continued with a gentle smile on his face, "It's not convenient for you to take care of Eric. Let me drive you."

Rachel thought for a while and then nodded.

In order to protect her brother's hand, she had to take this way. But Eric's hand was also hurt seriously at that time, and she thought it would be better to simply deal with it before she went to the hospital so she took out the first aid kit.

When they arrived at the parking lot, Rachel saw that not far from her, Jack was about to pull Celine into the car.

Rachel didn't stop her steps. She held Eric by the arm and walked to her car. Then she threw the key to her car to Marcus.

Marcus took it over with a smile. He opened the door and sat on the driver's seat after he gave a glance at Rachel.

When Rachel and Eric sat in the back seat, Marcus started the car.

Seeing the car of Rachel drove away, Jack pulled Celine into the car without changing his countenance.

"Sister, is my hand okay?" In the car, Eric cried and asked worriedly.

Rachel was simply bandaging the wound, cleaning it up. When she heard his question, she said

"It's not doomed."

While driving, Marcus smiled silently.

Perhaps it was because of blood relationship, although Rachel was calmly dressing his wound at the moment, Eric could feel that his sister was a little angry, and quickly whispered, "Sister, I'm wrong."

But Rachel didn't answer him. She directly ordered Marcus who was in front to drive her to her hospital.

When she arrived at the hospital, she was about to askMarcus to go back first, but thinking that he was driving her car, he didn't drive back himself, so Rachel didn't plan to ask.

But unexpectedly, after Marcus sent them to the hospital, he jokingly said

"Here we are. It's your place. I can leave now. Bye!"

Rachel also smiled faintly, "Thank you for sending us here. How can you go back later?"

"Do you forget that my company is nearby? Well, call me if anything happens." After saying goodbye to them, Marcus left the hospital.

Rachel brought Eric to the infirmary. When she saw that his colleague on duty wasn't there, she took the medicine directly to sterilize Rachel.

"Ouch!" Eric cried out as his wound was covered with liquid medicine.

"What did you do wrong?" Rachel asked calmly.

Looking at his sister's face, Eric said carefully, "I I shouldn't have been involved with those people,"

"Tell me, did you go to the party for Celine?"

Rachel continued to ask Eric after she carefully bandaged his wound.

Hearing this, Eric rolled his eyes and said, "Yes, yes, I went in because I saw Celine in danger."

Suddenly, Rachel raised her head and looked sharply at Eric, but her voice was still low and deep.

"I don't think that Jack will wrongly accuse a good person on this matter. You just want to take this opportunity to lay hands on Celine as they are trying to take advantage of her,"

Eric was startled by her glance. He immediately explained, "No, no, No. I really like Ce


"You don't have to deny it. As what's really going on, I think Jack has evidence."

Rachel continued to dress Eric's wound and said, "But from now on, you are not allowed to have any contact with Celine."

"Why, I really love her."

"Because of what happened today!" After finishing the last treatment for his wound, Rachel looked up at him and said, "Don't you know that Jack almost broke one of your hands today? Can't you see how attitude of Jack towards you? Or are you not afraid of death? Next time, I won't collect your body!"

Hearing her question, Eric didn't know how to reply. But he didn't want to give up Celine, so he stretched out his neck and said, "You're afraid of him, but I'm not afraid. He likes Celine, so do I. we compete fairly."

Rachel sneered, "aren't you afraid of him? Then why are you crying today? Competition? You can't get into a university. You've worked for less than two months every time. How can you compete with others? Moreover, if you want to compete fairly, I don't think so. Why are you still holding a grudge against me? Your hands have almost been cut off!"

"Anyway, I won't give up. I believe that Celine can see my true heart." Eric's face turned red, but he still refused to admit it.

Rachel sneered, "I'll go through the admission procedure for you. Just stay here these days as I told you to!"

"Hey, sister, you can't do this to me. I, I have to go back to work." Eric had a feeling that his sister made him stay in hospital in order to prevent him from going out to find Celine.

Rachel walked to the door and left a sentence to Eric.

"If you want your hand to be still immobile, you can leave now."

Hearing this, Eric was a little skeptical. He opened his palm and it was a little painful. Finally Eric lay down feebly.

When Rachel walked out of the clinic, the first glimmer of dawn had passed.

When Rachel was checking in for Eric, a nurse came across her. "Cindy, my brother got hurt. I'll give him room 103. Tell the colleague on duty to prepare lunch for me at noon," Rachel said

"Hurt? Is it serious?"

"It doesn't matter. I will let him stay in hospital for several days. I will change his dressing when I come here in the afternoon. You don't need to care about him." Rachel was worried that her colleague would come to check Eric's injuries, so she specially said this.

"Oh, I see. Don't worry. I'll arrange it."

When Rachel walked to the gate of the hospital, there was already a selling breakfast.

She bought some breakfast for Eric and let him lie in bed before she drove home. She had to work overtime today and she would come to the hospital in the afternoon.

When she returned home, she didn't see Jack as well.

As she had been married to Jack for so many years, she had noticed that he didn't have many nights staying at home.

After taking a shower, she ate something. Rachel then went to bed.

At four o'clock in the afternoon, Rachel got up and quickly washed her face and brushed her teeth before she rushed to the hospital. She had no idea whether Eric was obedient there.

When Rachel walked in, there was a slight frown on her face.

Why was Celine here? And she was feeding Eric with a spoon.

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