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   Chapter 608 Insignificant Things

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"I'll go with you." As Kerr spoke, he sat up and opened his sleepy eyes. Looking out of the window at the lightning and thunder, he frowned slightly.

It was sunny in the daytime, but now it was like this.

Nicole wanted Kerr to have a good rest, but she knew that he wouldn't let her go out alone, so she had to hold Kerr's hand and walk towards Lucas's room.

When Nicole stood beside Lucas and saw him still sleeping soundly, she couldn't help laughing. She didn't expect this little guy to be so bold.

"I don't know if there will be such a big storm in Jay's place." In Nicole's mind, Jay was as important as Lucas. She was always worried about Jay's safety.

But she was forcing herself to let go.

"He has grown up. He will know how to take care of himself. If you really miss him, I will let him come back." Kerr said lightly.

Nicole shook her head. "I know that's what he wants, so I won't stop him. He will come back after he finishes what he does.

By the way, Lisa told me that it was Jay who released her." Nicole felt proud of Jay.

Kerr was not surprised at all, but his doubts were solved.

Nicole turned around, held Kerr's hand and was about to go back to their room, but when she passed by Lisa's room, she heard a low cry from inside.

Nicole looked curiously at Kerr beside her, but she also knew that Lisa was so sad because of Kerr's words, so she couldn't help but feel a little sorry for her.

"You can go back and have a rest. I'll go to see Lisa. Anyway, she is going to marry Harrow. If she really feels sad because of these trivial things, we should be responsible for it."

Nicole tried to persuade Kerr.

Obviously, Kerr didn't want her to do that

felt lucky. In this way, it might save a lot of trouble for Harley.

So she couldn't wait to tell the news to Lisa.

"But I want to go home." Hearing this, Lisa was calm, as if she didn't want to stay here at all, as if she had lost all the reason to stay here.

"Why? Is it because of Harley?" Nicole asked knowingly, but gave a look at Harrow next to her, indicating her to call Harley.

Having understood what Nicole meant, Harrow hesitated. After all, she loved Harley.

Nicole also knew what Harrow was thinking, but she believed that forced love would not have happiness in the future.

Nicole then picked up her phone. When she was about to call Harley, she heard footsteps behind her. She turned around and saw Harley appear at the door.

"Are you telepathic?" Nicole stood up and left Lisa's room, leaving them alone.

Seeing Harley, Lisa immediately turned around, with red eyes. She didn't want to face him.

"Lisa, I know you are angry, but please believe that I really want to be with you. I didn't go on a blind date. I went home to tell my parents that I want to marry you."

Harley walked to Lisa.

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