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   Chapter 606 Well Thought Out

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Kerr didn't care who was there. In Kerr's mind, Nicole was his legal wife and he didn't need to dodge or worry about anything.

Feeling Kerr's overbearing, Nicole knew that he did it on purpose, but she felt helpless in her heart. She wanted to avoid him, but her waist was held in his arms.

She was forced to get close to him.

Noticing Kerr's intention, Lisa stood up from the sofa and walked to them and stared at them seriously.

She had no intention of dodging.

And she didn't even feel shame at all.

Although Nicole's eyes were closed, she could feel Lisa's gaze, which made her feel a little uncomfortable.

Nicole stretched out her hand and tried to push Kerr away. This time, Kerr didn't force Nicole anymore and let go of her naturally. He then looked at her gently.

"Why did you come back so early?" Nicole found an excuse to distract their attention. She didn't want Lisa and Kerr to fix their attention to the kiss.

"Since the one who was staring at us didn't feel shy at all, why are you so shy?" Kerr smiled faintly with obvious tenderness in his eyes. Although he said it to Nicole, he was actually satirizing Lisa.

Hearing this, Nicole couldn't help glaring at Kerr, and then turned to look at Lisa.

She didn't want Lisa to have any other thoughts. Since she had decided to let Lisa stay here, so she would be responsible for Lisa.

"Lisa..." As soon as Nicole opened her mouth, she was interrupted by Lisa.

But Lisa said those words to Kerr.

"Kerr, you have to be responsible for what you said today. Believe it or not, you will regret for what you said today sooner or later." Lisa threatened Kerr.

She seemed to be well prepared.

Nicole was a little curious. She d

ind date.

Why didn't I see that you are such a hypocritical person before? Let me tell you something. You can't fool me! Don't you have the ability to go on a blind date?

Then you'd better go on a blind date. You'd better not appear in front of me all your life! If I saw you, I will kill you." Lisa's voice was full of anger.

After saying that, she directly hung up the phone and turned it off, leaving no chance for Harley to speak or explain.

Lisa sat on the sofa in a daze, burying her little face in her knees, and her shoulders trembled slightly.

In fact, she had a crush on Harley. She was not a woman who would open her heart casually, but once she did, she would stick to it very seriously.

Standing at the door of Lisa's room, Nicole clearly heard her roar. She was a little worried and was about to raise her hand to persuade Lisa.

But she was stopped by Kerr behind her.

Holding Nicole's shoulder, Kerr took her back to their room.

"It's impossible for Harley to go on a blind date, isn't it?" Nicole asked Kerr seriously.

Although she didn't know Harley that well, she knew that he was not heartless man.

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