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   Chapter 605 I Can't Help You

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Therefore, Nicole naturally took over the Gu family.

"I want to have breakfast." Lisa took the initiative to follow Nicole, but she couldn't get rid of Harley.

Therefore, in the following days, the same thing repeatedly happened in the Gu family's old house.

After Lisa woke up, she grabbed Nicole's tightly and didn't let go, but Harley wanted to stick to Lisa, so the two of them chase and hide from each other everyday. The Gu family was so big...

and Nicole was also helpless.

Today, Freya's hand injury needed to be examined by Harley. Kerr also went to the hospital with Harley. Only then did Nicole and Lisa feel relieved.

"Lisa, in fact, you don't hate Harley so much. You can't leave him in your heart. Why do you hide from him? If you always treat him so coldly, aren't you afraid of scaring him away?"

Nicole asked Lisa.

Lisa sighed and shook her head at Nicole. "You don't know that I have done a lot of things for Harley. When I was in Xue family, my brother forced me to go on blind dates every day.

If it weren't for the insistence in my heart, I'm afraid I wouldn't have been able to hold on for a long time." Lisa said in a disappointed tone.

Harley didn't even know that when she was suffering, so she wanted him to experience what she had suffered before.

"You like Harley, and he loves you too. Now you can see him everyday. You must be very happy, right?" There was an obvious smile on Nicole's face.

She knew this kind of feeling.

Hearing Nicole's words, Lisa snickered.

"Then why don't you go to the Su family with Harley? In this way, your marriage can be settled as soon as possible. I believe that Mr. Ben will not object anymore."

Nicole asked, fishing. In fact, she also wanted to know what kind of background Xue family had.

"Nicole, you don't kno

d aunt?" On the contrary, Callie really wanted to see Nicole, and also wanted to see the happy look of Lisa. When Lisa was locked up at home by Ben, she was always depressed.

That was why Callie wanted to help her escape.

Ben remained silent.

After hanging up the phone, Kerr looked at Harley beside him and said, "Maybe Ben will arrive soon. If you really want to marry Lisa, you should be prepared."

Kerr reminded him.

Harley nodded. "I need to go back to the Su family." After saying that, Harley didn't go back to the Gu family's old house with Kerr.

"You're back. How's dad and mom?" Seeing Kerr come in from the door, Nicole asked with a smile, because Jack had always been in poor health.

Although Freya's condition was stable, she could still stay in the hospital and wait for more professional care, so they all chose to stay in the hospital to recuperate.

Kerr walked to Nicole, held her shoulder and kissed her on the forehead.

"Ahem!" Lisa sat on the sofa and deliberately coughed, "I'm still here." Lisa reminded Kerr to pay attention to his behavior.

But she didn't expect Kerr to be more arrogant.

Holding Nicole in his arms, he kissed her lips without hesitation.

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