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   Chapter 602 A Tough Girl

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It seemed that she was worried about being found out what she was doing.

"What are you doing?" Noticing that Callie was careful, Jay couldn't help asking.

Callie glared at Jay. Although there was a screen between them, she forgave Jay when she thought that he had taken the blame for her.

"I sent it to you. I know what the code meant. I want to save aunt Lisa, but I can't do it myself. Otherwise, daddy will be angry if he knows it."

It seemed that Callie made a perfect excuse.

"So you mean you want me to save aunt Lisa? Aren't you afraid that uncle Ben will be angry with me?" Jay was speechless.

It was not until now that he realized that he had taken the blame for Callie. Just now, Jay had unlocked the password of Lisa's location through remote control, and Harley should be on the way.

Lisa would be saved soon.

Perhaps it was because Ben was too confident in his own system that he didn't arrange anyone to guard by Lisa's side. However, if it weren't for them, Lisa wouldn't be able to escape from them for the rest of her life.

"If it was you, daddy wouldn't be so angry. Didn't you often say that you were a man? If you don't stand out at this time, how long will you prove it to me?"

What Callie said was reasonable. From the day she knew Jay, he had said that he would protect her well, and she had kept it in mind.

Jay finally fulfilled his promise.

"You are right." Looking at the proud look on Callie's face, Jay was speechless. This little girl was getting more and more difficult to deal with.

"Then how do you know why I can unlock that password?" Jay had seen the password and had to admit that in fact, Ben's design was very ingenious.

Many things were beyond Jay's expectation.

"It took me so long to crack t

's heart.

She didn't want to accept others, so she didn't agree to go on a blind date. That was why she was locked up here because she went against Ben's will.

Although Ben didn't abuse her, she was also very sad and couldn't get in touch with the outside world.

In fact, she had been worried that Ben would do something to Harley, but now seeing that Harley was fine, there was nothing at all. It seemed that she was the only fool who was sad in the world.

"Do you think I'm stupid? When I appeared, you were by my side. It doesn't matter to you that I disappeared, as if you just lost an insignificant person."

Lisa asked.

The little discomfort in her heart had never disappeared.

Hearing Lisa's voice, Harley was stunned. He let go of her arm and held her shoulder. Then he saw the tears on her face.

It was the first time that he had seen her crying, which really shocked him.

"Lisa, don't cry. I admit that it's my fault that I didn't find you in time. I should have found you back in time when you just disappeared and stayed with me.

No matter who stops us, no one can separate us." The longer he separated from Lisa, the more determined he was.

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