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   Chapter 599 The Concealment Of Nicole

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The result was the same as that of Harley.

Kerr also tried and got the same result.

Turning around, Kerr looked at Nicole beside him and said, "Have a try." Kerr knew that in fact, Nicole and Lisa got along well. Otherwise, Nicole wouldn't still speak for Lisa.

Nicole didn't understand what they meant.

But she listened to Kerr, took out her phone and dialed Lisa's number. The phone rang twice and was answered.

Nicole put the phone near her ear, "Lisa?" In fact, Nicole could guess that the person who answered the phone was more likely to be Ben, but she didn't want Kerr to think too much.

So she pretended not to know.

All of a sudden, the three men in the living room fixed their eyes on the phone.

The look in Harley's eyes was full of expectation. Ken felt a little strange, and Kerr frowned directly. He didn't expect that Nicole was really that special.

Reaching out his hand, Kerr took the phone from Nicole, put it on the table and pressed the speaker button.

"Nicole?" As expected, Ben's voice came from inside. Nicole felt that Kerr's eyes became sharp.

Nicole had no choice but to bear the pressure and said, "Mr. Ben, is Lisa here? I have something to talk to her." Nicole asked Ben seriously.

"Lisa has fallen asleep. Recently, she has been in a bad mood and needs a good rest. If there is anything I can do for you, maybe you can talk to me."

Ben's voice sounded very patient, without any anger. It seemed that he had been waiting for the call for a long time.

As soon as Nicole heard Ben's excuse, she didn't mean to continue talking nonsense with him. "Well, it's late now. Mr.

prise, Harley didn't understand why Ben gave his shares to Nicole.

Since Ben was rich enough, the share must be worth a lot. Harley didn't understand why Ben would give such a big fortune to Nicole.

Hearing that, in fact, Nicole was also full of doubts. She had asked Ben, but he said nothing. Nicole could feel that at their wedding...

Ben was there to tell her something, but a lot of things happened that day, so he had no chance to speak.

Being questioned like this, Nicole felt very embarrassed. She peeked at Kerr from the corner of her eyes and dared not speak.

Ken stood up, walked to Harley and kicked him. "Aren't you leaving yet?" Ken knew that it had involved the family affairs of Kerr and Nicole.

No matter how close they were to Kerr, it was not inappropriate for them to get involved. So they could just leave quietly. He believed that Kerr would solve these problems.

Then Harley left with Ken.

There were only Kerr and Nicole left in the living room. It was the first time for Nicole to see Kerr so silent. She asked, "Kerr, are you suspecting me?"

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