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   Chapter 598 No Objection

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Looking at the stubborn look of Harley, Nicole knew that he was serious about Lisa, but she didn't know why Kerr wanted to stop Harley. She turned her face and looked at Kerr.

"Kerr, why do you always think there is something wrong with the Xue family? What's the problem?" Nicole asked Kerr seriously.

Although she also knew that there was something wrong with the Xue family, she always felt that the problem was related to Ben, not Lisa. Even if Kerr wanted to investigate the Xue family, he should not stop the marriage of Lisa and Harley.

Kerr didn't say anything. He just looked at Nicole and Harley. His words surprised them.

"Whatever." Kerr didn't stop Harley, but said calmly.

On the contrary, Harley, who was standing in front of Kerr, was at a loss, because he was ready to be rejected or stopped by Kerr. He was even ready to refute Kerr.

But he didn't expect that Kerr would agree so easily.

"What... What did you say?" Asked Harley.

He didn't know what to say.

"If you want to marry Lisa, you can go to find her." Kerr said casually, ignoring the stunned Harley. He held Nicole's hand tightly and walked towards the gate of the hospital.

Nicole also looked at Kerr in surprise. She had a lot of questions in her mind. It seemed that she was with Kerr every day, but she still didn't know much about him.

Just like at this moment, Nicole's heart was full of doubts.

"Why? Why did you object to their marriage at the beginning? But now you don't care." Nicole felt strange.

Looking at her confused look, Kerr felt that she was so cute. He held her face and kissed her on her red lips.

"There is no reason. If he wants to marry Lisa, she has to pass the test. Now

because the two of you that I lost Lisa, so you have to help me. If I can't find her, I won't leave." Harley threatened Kerr and Nicole.

He sounded as stubborn as a child.

With a helpless look on her face, Nicole had no choice but to turn to Kerr and leave this matter to him.

Kerr didn't say anything more. He just sat on the sofa and took a look at Harley and Ken, who were sitting opposite him. It seemed that he had already expected Harley's reaction.

Seeing that none of the three people spoke, Nicole felt strange. She had to sit beside Kerr and looked at the three people in front of her, not knowing what they wanted to do.

But Nicole knew that there was nothing impossible for these three people when they worked together.

Taking out his phone first, Harley dialed Lisa's number, but only heard that, "Sorry, the number you dialed cannot be connected for the time being. Please redial later."

He didn't know how many times he had gotten such a result. There was no sign of loss on his face, because he was getting used to it.

Ken took a look at Harley and Kerr, picked up his phone and dialed Lisa's number.

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