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   Chapter 597 Father's Love

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"If you don't receive the training well, you should be prepared to stay there for the rest of your life." After saying that, Kerr directly hung up the phone, leaving no chance for Jay to refute.

Turning around, Kerr looked into Nicole's resentful eyes.

"In fact you just don't want him to give up halfway. It's for his good. Why can't you tell him these things? Why did you always make him believe that you don't want him anymore and don't care about him at all?

Is this really the best way to get along with him?" Nicole looked at Kerr helplessly.

In the past, Nicole might blame Kerr for being too harsh to Jay. But now, she knew that Kerr was actually doing this for the good of Jay.

Although she still didn't know why Jay was so persistent to leave them and what he was doing, she knew that Kerr supported Jay's decision.

In fact, on a night when Nicole had already fallen asleep, she found that Kerr was not beside her. When she stood up to look for him, she saw him standing on the balcony and making a phone call.

Nicole heard clearly that Kerr's phone call was about Jay. In fact, Kerr was just used to silently caring about Jay behind his back, but he didn't say anything.

Hearing Nicole's words, Kerr looked a little embarrassed. But when he turned around, he dodged her, but his phone rang again.

He lowered his head and saw the name of Jay flickering on the screen. He handed the phone to Nicole and left without saying anything.

Nicole knew that Kerr gave her a chance.

When the phone was connected, Nicole said with a smile, "Jay, it's me, Mommy." Said Nicole lightly.

Then she patiently listened to Jay complaining about Kerr. With a smile on her face, she looked at Kerr, who was sitting

appiness, which no one can take away. Nicole, believe me, I won't leave you. I admit that Jay had asked for my opinion about his training.

I also agree. You can rest assured about his life and safety. I have arranged reliable people to stay with him."

Kerr reassured her.

Nicole nodded with a smile.

In the evening, Freya's hand had just been injured, so the suggestion given by Harley was to stay in the hospital for a period of time to prevent the wound from being infected.

To everyone's surprise, Jack also stayed in the hospital with Freya.

When Harley looked at Jack's decision, his face was full of surprise, but he didn't say anything. He just went to arrange it right away.

Kerr held Nicole's hand and was about to walk out of the hospital, but was stopped by Harley.

"Kerr!" Harley walked up to Kerr from behind and took a look at Nicole. "I want to know what background the Xue family has.

What do you want to investigate? Find it out yourself. I plan to find Lisa as soon as possible and then go to Xue family to propose a marriage." Said Harley firmly.

When Harley fell in love with Lisa, he decided to marry her.

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