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   Chapter 596 It Won't Be Worse

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Jack was a man who would put Gu family in the first place at any time.

Until now, when Jack looked at Freya, he also treated her as a family. Perhaps this was the relationship between them.

Hearing what Jack said, Freya knew that this was the biggest concession that Jack could ever make. At least since she knew Jack, she had never made a compromise to anyone.

Turning her head, Freya looked at the ceiling. Maybe everything would be fine as long as it was over.

Looking at Freya's face, Jack reached out his hand and held hers. looking at the gauze wrapped around her hand, his eyes darkened. "It hurts, doesn't it? Did Harley tell you what the consequences would be?"

Jack wanted to care about Freya, but in fact, he didn't know how to care about a person.

Freya didn't say anything, but tears fell from the corner of her eyes.

In the garden.

Nicole was very worried about the situation of Freya and Jack. She didn't know if her wish would be fulfilled.

"I'm by your side, but your eyes don't rest on me." Kerr expressed his strong dissatisfaction. He held her shoulder and turned her little face to himself.

Hearing his words, Nicole rolled her eyes at him and said, "I care about your parents. Don't you worry about them at all?" Nicole didn't know why Kerr acted so relaxed.

Seeing the puzzled look on Nicole's face, Kerr let go of her shoulder and let her sit on the swing in the garden. The white swing was surrounded by flowers.

It was made by Kerr when Nicole was giving birth, but it was the first time that Nicole sat there.

Kerr gently pushed her back and said, "Can it be worse than before? I've already seen the terrible situation. I don't care if

, "Do you think your training is over so easily?"

Kerr didn't want Jay to give up halfway. Although he knew that Jay had a good performance, he had high expectations of Jay. He wanted to give everything to Jay.

Moreover, Jay was gifted. Kerr didn't want him to waste such a good opportunity.

On the other side of the phone, Jay heard Kerr's voice and felt dissatisfied. He immediately frowned.

In fact, Jay didn't really plan to go back. He just finished the first stage of the training, a little faster than others. But that didn't mean that he could really do anything.

But when Jay heard Kerr's words, he felt dissatisfied.

He didn't seem to feel Kerr's concern for him.

"Why not? This training was my own choice. Now I don't want to continue. I want to go back to Mommy." It seemed that Jay and Kerr couldn't get along well with each other.

In fact, Jay really hoped to be valued by Kerr, so he had to force himself to become more outstanding, so that he could be recognized by Kerr.

Jay was more eager to be praised by Kerr.

Kerr did appreciate Jay in his heart, but he didn't tell Jay about it.

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