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   Chapter 595 Trying To Let Go Of Grudges

My CEO Daddy By Ning Le Characters: 6074

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"I'm not a kid anymore." Sometimes, Nicole felt that Kerr was too nervous about her, as if she were a porcelain doll.

"In my eyes, you are always a child." Kerr said that in a way of stating some universally acknowledged truth.

He hoped that Nicole could keep her innocence and kindness forever, and his existence was to protect her.

"Then remember to take good care of me." Nicole nodded and replied jokingly to Kerr.

"Nicole..." As soon as Nicole finished speaking, she heard the voice of Freya from behind. Nicole immediately turned around and looked at Freya nervously.

"I'm here. Mom, what do you want?" Nicole asked Freya.

Hearing her voice, Freya slowly opened her eyes and looked at her nervous face. "Are you okay?" Freya asked with concern.

Before she passed out, she clearly saw that Nicole was held hostage by Edward.

Seeing that Nicole shook her head at her, Freya felt relieved and turned her attention to her injured hand.

She wanted to raise her hand, but was stopped by Nicole beside her.

"Mom, your hand has just had an operation. Don't move for the time being. If you need anything, just tell me. But don't worry. Harley said that as long as you have a good rest, your hand will be fine."

Said Nicole softly.

Seeing Freya's concern for her, Nicole felt warm in her heart.

This kind of warmth was completely different from what Kerr had given her. She hadn't felt this warmth and care from family and elders for a long time.

Freya just felt that her palms were a little numb and did not think too much.

She turned her eyes to Kerr. In fact, she was more looking forward to seeing Kerr put down the knot in his heart.

"Have a good rest. I'll ask Cherry to take care of you." Kerr said indifferently. Although it was just a sentence, it showed his concern fo

r generations." Jack couldn't let go of his pride.

But when he heard the news of Freya's accident, he didn't expect that he would be so worried. Even if he didn't have such a deep affection for Freya, they had lived under the same roof for so many years, and Jack was used to the existence of her.

Most of the time, only when a person was about to lose a person would he realize the importance of that person to him.

Hearing what Jack said, Freya smiled bitterly and looked away from him.

"Jack, up to now, you still put primacy on your face and dignity of Gu family. You don't realize the meaning of a family at all. I feel happy to see Kerr and Nicole like that.

I'm glad that Kerr is not the second you." Freya also wanted to let go of the knot in her heart, but it would take some time. Perhaps, looking at the happiness of Nicole and Kerr, Freya would change a little.

She hoped that even if Jack didn't know what happiness was, he should learn to cherish.

"Do we have to talk like this? I don't know what is the meaning of family. I only know that we are both members of Gu family. Now, we are, and in the future we will still be. No matter what happens, it is impossible to change. "

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