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   Chapter 594 The Gap Disappeared

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The car stopped at the gate of the hospital. Kerr held Nicole's hand and walked quickly towards the emergency room.

As soon as they arrived at the door of the room, they saw Harley coming out.

"Harley, how is my mother?" When Nicole saw Harley, she asked nervously about Freya.

Looking up at Kerr and Nicole who appeared in front of him, Harley nodded and said, "She is all right. Although her palm was cut, fortunately, she was sent to the hospital in time. I just finished the operation, and now she has been sent to the ward.

But Mrs. Freya seemed to be frightened. I added some tranquilizer to her medicine, so she hasn't woken up yet. A good rest is good for her."

Harley simply introduced the situation of Freya.

At that time, when Harley saw Freya's wound, he was surprised. According to his experience, he knew that the shape of the wound was caused by Freya taking the initiative to hold the sharp weapon with her hand.

He knew more or less about Freya. He knew that she was a person who knew how to protect and cherish herself, so he was very curious why Freya would do such a thing to hurt her.

"Can we go to see her now?" Nicole was very worried about Nicole, but she was also afraid of disturbing Freya's rest, so she asked for Harley's opinion.

Harley nodded.

Seeing that, Nicole walked towards Freya's ward.

Kerr was about to follow Nicole, but was stopped by Harley beside him.

"What happened?" Asked Harley. He felt something was wrong.

"Nothing. I just get rid of Moore and Sunny completely." Kerr said calmly. Although Freya got hurt this time, he still felt relieved.

After what happened this

e was very confident about what she was thinking.

Nicole nodded to him with a flattering smile, "You won't refuse me, will you? You won't disappoint me. I know my husband is the kindest and most generous person in the world."

Nicole stood up, wrapped her hands around his waist. She then leaned her face against Kerr's chest to please him.

Feeling her tenderness, Kerr felt helpless. "Nicole, you'd better stay with me from now on. Don't leave me."

Kerr hugged her and said firmly.

"Am I with you now? But we can't be like conjoined babies, right?" Nicole sensed Kerr's childishness, but she liked it sometimes.

It was because of love that Kerr could be so childish.

"Why not?" Kerr said frankly, "Nicole, I mean, I don't want you to leave me. You are so kind that you must be hurt."

In this world, it had to be admitted that most of the time, people were not so kind. Most of the time, their kindness was often used by someone with ulterior motives.

That's why Kerr was so worried about Nicole.

Hearing Kerr's words, Nicole couldn't help laughing and looked up at him.

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