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   Chapter 592 Who Made The Decision

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Sunny threatened Nicole.

"What do I want to hear? Sunny, you'd better know the current situation. I asked you to tell me the evidence of Moore's crime is to help you prove your innocence.

The reason why you wanted Moore to take care of Ron is just that you think Moore has the financial strength to raise Ron and give him a better living condition. But have you ever thought that Moore now regards Ron as a burden at all?

Ron would not be the only son of Moore. You'd better find a way to raise your son by yourself. Otherwise, you can't rest assured with anyone around Ron."

On this point, both Nicole and Sunny felt the same way. They were all mothers, but compared with Sunny, Nicole was much more responsible.

At any time, Nicole would put Lucas and Jay first.

No matter how much she suffered, she would not let her child get hurt.

"Sunny, since I have made a promise, I will definitely keep it. If you tell me what you know, I will help you find a good lawyer and get the custody of Ron.

What's more, except for the property that Moore had illegally misappropriated from the Gu family, you can also use the property under Moore's name as your alimony. At that time, you and Ron can still live a comfortable life." Nicole gave Sunny a clear idea of her future.

In this way, she not only fulfilled her promise to Edward, but also did not need to raise Ron. Nicole knew that if she wanted to find Ron back and put him by her side, and Kerr would definitely not agree.

Even now, when Kerr heard that Nicole meant to let go of Sunny, his face darkened. In Kerr's view, whether it was Sunny, Moore or Edward...

No one should be let go. Nicole had suffered a lot because of these three people, which was a scar

n't care about Ron. If Sunny was put into jail again, no one would care about Ron.

"Kerr!" Nicole didn't expect that her trick wouldn't work on Kerr this time.

Holding out her hand, Nicole held Kerr's hand tightly. "Didn't you promise me that you would discuss everything with me? Why do you make the decision by yourself?"

Nicole questioned Kerr. He knew that she had promised Edward. But now, what he did was to break her promise. Nicole was a little angry.

Kerr had always cared about her feelings. Why did he break her promise in front of so many people?

Feeling the anger of the little woman, Kerr didn't take it seriously, "Who made the decision alone first?" From beginning to end, Kerr didn't promise to let go of Sunny and Edward.

It was Nicole who gave the hope to Edward for the sake of Ron.

He never said that.

"How dare you!" Nicole stared at Kerr and didn't know how to refute him. He was right and she knew it was her fault.

But she had her own reason.

She didn't want to let go of Sunny. She did it just for the sake of Ron. "Kerr..." Nicole knew that Kerr could be persuaded by reason but not be cowed by force.

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