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   Chapter 589 Do You Feel Sorry For Her

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Moore was also surprised when Ron disappeared.

It meant that Ron's disappearance was beyond Moore's expectation.

If that was the case, Edward doubted that Moore did not find Ron back at all.

"I know." Nicole felt a little guilty, but if she denied it now, it meant that what she had said before was not convincing.

But Nicole made up her mind that she would help them find Ron since she had promised them.

Nicole looked at Kerr, as if telling him her decision.

Although Nicole and Edward car talked in a low voice, Kerr understood what they were talking about through the movement of Nicole's mouth and knew what Nicole had promised Edward. He then nodded to her.

Obviously, he agreed to her decision.

Even though he was still worried about her, he had no choice at this point. He decided to teach this unruly woman a lesson when they came back.

Not aware of her danger at all, Nicole turned her attention to Edward behind her.

Sunny, who was standing opposite them, saw Jared walk in front of her and grab the bag from Jared's hand. She looked at the content in surprise.

It was clear that Moore was ready to leave, but he didn't bring Ron with him. There was even no news about Ron on the document.

"I don't believe it!" Sunny threw the documents directly at Nicole, but there were some distance between them, so the documents scattered on the ground.

It didn't hurt Nicole.

But Kerr was very dissatisfied with Sunny's provocations. He turned around and faced Sunny, "I warn you, don't try to challenge my bottom line again."

Kerr didn't allow anyone to hurt Nicole in front of him.

Seeing the anger in Kerr's eyes, Sunny burst into laughter. "Hahaha! Kerr, do you feel sorry for her? You

sound on the phone was very clear.

But she didn't give up. She dialed the same number again and again. At first, no one answered, but at last, the phone was turned off.

It was self-evident what it meant.

"You should believe me now. I didn't lie to you, right?" Looking at Sunny's sad face, Nicole couldn't bear it, but she also knew that what Sunny had experienced now was all her own fault.

Sunny didn't deserve her sympathy.

"Sunny, I know a lot of things have come to this for many reasons. I don't want to dwell on the past. There is one thing I can promise you, and I can help you take good care of Ron.

I mean it." Said Nicole seriously.

Just because the child was innocent, she didn't want their grudges affect the next generation.

Hearing Sunny's words, both Sunny and Edward were surprised. They didn't expect that Nicole could still consider for Ron in such a situation.

"Nicole, don't pretend to be kind here. I don't care. Even if Moore is unwilling to take Moore away with him, all the assets under Moore's name have been transferred to Ron.

I have nothing to worry about." Sunny said to herself, feeling lucky.

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