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   Chapter 498 I Just Want To Help Him

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"I don't know." There was obvious anger in Kerr's tone. He hated that Nicole cared about another man in front of him.

Looking at his darkened face, Nicole said helplessly, "Kerr, we're married, and we have two children, Jay and Lucas. Don't you believe me?

You should know that I just regard Baron as my friend. When we got married, Baron gave his best wishes. Now that he is in trouble, I can't just sit by and do nothing."

Nicole persuaded Kerr.

They were just friends.

"I trust you, but I don't trust him." Kerr said indifferently. he didn't believe any man who approached Nicole.

Holding her hand, Kerr seemed to be worried that she would leave him soon.

Even though he knew that Nicole just wanted to help Baron with his work, Kerr still didn't want to send her to his side.

Nicole looked helpless and wanted to persuade Kerr, but he was obviously unwilling to say anything more. He held her hand and walked into the villa.

"Kerr, are you hiding something from me? Did Baron's problem have anything to do with you?" Nicole pretended to be serious.

She knew that Kerr's evasion might mean that he knew it.

Hearing the displeasure in her tone, Kerr stopped and asked, "What do you want to know? The reason why the Fang Group is in trouble is because of the death of Maggie. The Chen Group pin all the blame on Baron.

That's why the Chen Group has brought a lot of trouble to Baron. He now is in a pickle." With a dark face, Kerr told Nicole what had happened to Baron.

In fact, Kerr didn't want to, but in the face of her questioning, he still chose to be honest with her.

Nicole was shocked. All these things had been in the past, and

of Lucas.

Standing at the door of Lucas's room, he reached out his hand and gently pushed the door open. He saw the dim light in the room, indicating that the people inside had fallen asleep.

His face darkened again. He was mad at her, but that little woman slept so soundly.

Unconsciously, he walked to the side of Nicole. Seeing the little woman sleeping lazily, the anger in his eyes gradually disappeared. He stretched out his hand and lifted up Nicole's arm that was resting on Lucas.

He held her in his arms carefully, but she didn't seem to wake up at all.

When he walked out of the room with her in his arms, his face softened a little. He put her on the bed and held her in his arms.

It seemed that Nicole was aware of his action. She turned over and mumbled unconsciously, "Kerr..." In her dream, there seemed to be only this man.

Hearing her whisper, the anger in Kerr's heart finally disappeared.

"Isn't it good to only stay with me?" Kerr said in a low voice. He knew that Nicole couldn't hear him, so he had to kiss her forehead helplessly and fell asleep with her in his arms.

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