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   Chapter 497 Completely Cleared

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Kerr stood in front of the French window of the study. In fact, his study had a good feature. Although it was only located on the second floor of the villa, his study had a broad view.

He could see every corner of the house clearly.

Nicole stood beside Kerr. When she saw the two unidentified men, she was still worried about Freya, but she noticed the attitude of Freya towards the two people.

It was obvious that they knew each other.

"Kerr, did you know what they are doing?" Nicole asked Kerr lightly.

Because she didn't see any surprise on Kerr's face.

Kerr held her shoulder and said, "Do you feel pathetic to have such a family and parents?" Kerr's tone was full of disappointment.

Nicole put her arms around his waist and pressed her face against his chest.

"You still have me, Jay and Lucas. I won't let you down." Nicole comforted him.

Kerr nodded and looked out of the window at the dark night sky. He held her hand and asked, "Let me take you out for a walk." Kerr knew what happened today had affected her mood.

Nicole nodded in agreement.

The two walked hand in hand on the path.

Nicole looked up at the starry sky and asked, "Kerr, do you have anything to hide from me?" Nicole had always wanted to find an opportunity to tell Kerr about Ben, but every time she wanted to do so...

It was all because of all kinds of things that she had missed the chances.

Kerr shook his head slightly, "No, I never need to have secrets in front of you." Kerr said firmly. He couldn't control what happened to Freya, and it also had nothing to do with him and Nicole.

So it was not a secret.

"I..." When Nicole was about to

swer." Baron's heart skipped a beat.

He knew how capable Nicole was, and now she was different from before. With the protection of the Gu Group and the KN Group, she had already had her own resources.

The crisis the Fang Group was facing might be solved with the help of Nicole.

"Okay." Nicole agreed with Baron and hung up the phone.

Feeling Kerr's coldness, Nicole knew that he was jealous. "Mr. Kerr, I want to take a walk in the garden ahead."

She pointed to a small garden not far away and changed the topic.

But Kerr wouldn't let her muddle through it so easily.

Standing still, he looked at her and asked, "Are you going to Fang Group?" There was obvious displeasure in his words. If this little woman really dared to go to another man's side...

He wouldn't let go of the Fang Group or Baron.

With a faint smile, Nicole said, "It seems that Baron is in trouble. Do you know what difficulties he had?" Nicole asked Kerr. Although the Fang Group and the KN Group were in different industries, if the Fang Group encountered any problems...

Kerr would definitely get the news.

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