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   Chapter 495 New Products

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"Then why can't we just make use of this opportunity?" Moore didn't expect that Kerr could save the Gu Group.

After leaving the Gu Group, no matter which industry he engaged in, it was impossible for him to get business from Kerr.

It was better to find a way to get back the Gu Group from Kerr than to work so hard.

Looking at the shrewdness in Moore's eyes, Sunny had guessed what he wanted to do, but both Moore and Freya put the risk on her alone.

Therefore, the more they persuaded Sunny, the more hesitant she became.

Sunny looked into Moore's eyes and said, "Do you want to use me as a tool to get close to Kerr? Now the scale of the KN Group is out of your expectation, so you have a new idea about it?"

Hearing Sunny's words, Moore wore a smile on his face, trying to make her relax her vigilance. "Sunny, no matter what I want and what I want to do with the KN Group, If I can really get some shares of the KN Group, or in other words, I can even completely control the company in our own hands, then we don't have to worry about Kerr anymore.

At that time, you can do whatever you want to do to Kerr and even take revenge."

Moore coaxed Sunny. He knew that Kerr had hurt her and left a scar in her heart, so he knew that Sunny would definitely agree.

"Sunny, although it's risky, didn't Freya tell you that she will arrange everything well? I can promise you that if we get the shares of the KN Group, All these things and property would belong to Ron in the end? No matter what I do outside, Ron is my only son. He is our hope in the future."

Hearing Moore's words, Sunny's eyes twinkled. Moo

sigh of relief. She raised her head, frowned and looked at Kerr behind her. She reached out and pinched his ear.

"Don't be so presumptuous in front of others in the future!" She warned Kerr. Although the whole world knew that she was Kerr's woman, she still felt uncomfortable.

Kerr held Nicole's hand and opened the gift box in front of him.

A delicate fountain pen appeared in front of her.

The fountain pen was black all over, with golden patterns on it, low-key and luxurious.

"A fountain pen?" Although what Nicole saw was a pen, she knew it was not that simple. Otherwise, Jared and Ken would not pay so much attention to it.

Kerr nodded and held the pen in his hand. He opened the pen cap and wrote Nicole's name on the paper in front of him.

Nicole looked at the name on the paper and didn't find anything unusual. She couldn't help but look at Kerr doubtfully.

"What do you mean?"

"The ink of this pen is made of a special material. Now you see these three words, but they will fade with time and eventually disappear."

Kerr explained to Nicole.

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