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   Chapter 494 It's Risky

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However, Freya would benefit from the plan.

Sunny was not a fool. It was impossible for her not to understand this point.

She wouldn't agree to Freya's request. Seeing the excited look on Freya's face, Sunny put on an embarrassed look and said, "Auntie, it seems that it's too risky. If Kerr knows about it...

In other words, even if we can hide it from Kerr, if Nicole calls the police as soon as she gets the news, I can't explain it clearly at that time, and you will also be in trouble because of this matter."

She didn't want to be taken to the police station by Nicole and suffered like Freya.

Although she didn't care about the rumors outside, it was not worth it to take the risk just for Freya.

"Sunny, it is me who asked you to do it. Of course I won't put you in danger. Don't worry. Once something happens, I won't let you take the responsibility alone.

Please help me. Think about what Nicole had done to Ron. If it weren't for Nicole, you might have married to Kerr long ago, and there would not have had so much trouble later.

Don't you hate her at all? This time, you can also have a good chance to teach Nicole a lesson and let her know how powerful you are."

Freya encouraged Sunny. As expected, as she spoke ill of Nicole, anger gradually appeared on Sunny's face.

She successfully ignited the anger in Sunny's heart.

"Auntie, you are right, but this matter is important. I have to think about it carefully, and it is not easy to carry out. I need to prepare a lot of things.

Don't act rashly. I hope you can think it over." Sunny said lightly. In fact, the anger in her heart was about to burn herself up.

But she forced herself to calm down.

She was not as impulsive as she used to

did not go out. In the past, every night, Moore was nowhere to be found at home.

"You're back? What did Freya say to you? Is the Gu family in chaos?" With a laptop in his hand, Moore looked at the screen and asked Sunny without raising his head.

But he didn't get any reply from her.

Sitting on the sofa, Sunny looked preoccupied.

Frowning, Moore looked up at her and asked, "What's wrong?" Moore knew that there must be something wrong with Sunny, so he could not help but be patient.

After all, he still wanted to rely on Sunny to pin down the Gu family.

Looking into Moore's eyes, Sunny conveyed Freya's idea to him. She hoped that Moore knew about the plan. If something really happened, Moore would also be prepared.

As expected, when Moore heard this, he was so excited that he closed the laptop in his hand, stood up and walked to Sunny, sitting beside her.

Moore put his arm around her shoulder.

"Why are you hesitating? This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You should know that although Freya's plan is risky, if it succeeds, it would be good for us too.

She wants to take advantage of you and treat you as a fool."

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