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   Chapter 447 Running Out Of Patience

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"Stop, Moore!" Sunny looked at Moore angrily, but since she appeared, Moore had never looked at her.

When they walked out of the bar, Sunny stopped Moore and stood in front of him. "Moore, what do you mean? What do you think of me in your heart?"

Sunny didn't expect that Moore would really love her, but it never occurred to her that Moore would almost get drunk in this place every day.

He didn't even care about Ron.

"Sunny, do you think I keep you by my side because I love you? Don't talk nonsense to me. You know exactly what I want. If you can't do it, don't get in my way!"

Moore warned Sunny coldly. In his eyes, if Sunny could no longer threaten Kerr, then she was worthless to him.

"What do you want? Everything you have now was stolen from Kerr! Do you really think that you can rest assured in this way? Let me tell you, no matter how hard you try, you can't beat Kerr!"

Sunny looked at Moore angrily and spoke without thinking. She obviously felt his anger.

"Clap!" A loud slap fell on Sunny's side face.

Moore's face was full of anger. "Let me tell you, Sunny, you'd better know what you are talking about. You still love Kerr, right? Do you want to go back to him?"

Reaching out his hand, Moore directly strangled Sunny's neck, with cruelty in his eyes.

"Ahem! Let... Let go off me!" Sunny felt difficult to breathe.

There was obvious threats in Moore's eyes. Sunny had no doubt that Moore would kill her in the next second.

"I..." Sunny wanted to explain, but she couldn't say anything.

Moore was furious at that moment. Seeing that Sunny's face turned red because she was out of breath, Moore slowly released his hand.

"If you dare to t


Edward comforted Sunny.

But it didn't make her happy.

Sunny smiled and said, "Edward, don't worry. I won't compromise so easily. I'll let those who hurt me pay the price."

She had never changed her mind.

Looking at Sunny, Edward knew what was on her mind.

"Miss, no matter what you do, I will always support you."

Sunny looked at Edward with a smile, "Tomorrow is Wednesday. According to Freya's previous habits, she will go to the hall to select new products. We will go there tomorrow."

Although Moore didn't treat her well, he didn't restrict her too much in economic terms, so she had the ability to negotiate with Freya.

Edward nodded and drove to the villa.

The next day, Sunny put on a delicate makeup and looked at herself in the mirror. If she didn't look carefully, the swelling on her face was not that serious.

She didn't want anyone to see her embarrassed look.

Edward parked his car at the gate of the hall and watched Sunny get off the car.

Sunny knew that every time Freya was here, she would be in the same private room, since she often accompanied Freya to come here.

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