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   Chapter 440 You Are A Baby

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Kerr's face darkened as he heard what Nicole said. "The Gu family will take advantage of your kindness and be greedy." Kerr said lightly.

Although he was also a member of the Gu family, he felt helpless when it came to the Gu family's intention. He knew that Nicole didn't know it yet, so she was fooled by Hebe.

"What do you mean?" There was a little confusion in Nicole's eyes, but when she thought of what happened to her today, she probably understood what Kerr meant. "So, is this the reason why you didn't allow her to work in the Gu Group?"

Nicole knew that Kerr had always been very calm in business, without any personal feelings involved. That was why the Gu Group was su successful. Nicole understood Kerr's principles.

Leaning on Kerr's shoulder, Nicole smiled faintly, "I know what to do, but it's very strange. Why didn't they come here before? Why did they suddenly appear at once?"

Nicole looked at Kerr curiously. In the past, she only knew that Jack and Freya had always said that the Gu family was huge and powerful clan, but she had no chance to see any other family members.

"Because the Gu Group is gone, and their stable and comfortable life is also affected. Of course, they have to find new business opportunities. And now you are their goal."

That was also the reason why Kerr changed the Gu Group into the KN Group. As a family business, the Gu Group had a certain share in the hands of Jack an

on like this, he wouldn't be able to go out.

Kerr opened his arms and waited for Nicole to unbutton his shirt one by one. Nicole looked at his buttons carefully, but in Kerr's eyes, it was an obvious temptation to him.

"You little siren!"

Holding Nicole's face, Kerr lowered his head and kissed her red lips.

With her eyes wide open, the suit in her hand fell to the ground.

"Let's see how I will deal with you when I come back tonight." Kerr pointed at Nicole's nose.

"It's really too late if you don't leave now." Nicole raised her head and reminded him.

Kerr looked at the lovely woman and said, "Go with me." While speaking, he took out a dress from the wardrobe and quickly changed the dress for her before she could react.

He held her hand and walked outside.

"I haven't put on makeup yet!" Nicole didn't expect that Kerr would suddenly decide to take her with him. Without any preparation, she was taken to the car by Kerr.

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