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   Chapter 439 Relatives Of Kerr

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"Nice to meet you, sister-in-law. I'm Hebe Gu, Kerr's cousin."

Hebe Gu walked up to Nicole.

She reached out her hand to Nicole, and looked at the woman in front of her up and down. The moment Hebe saw Nicole, she was indeed amazed by her beauty.

Although theY looked about the same age, she could sense the different temperament of Nicole. Though Nicole was only wearing simple white casual clothes...

Her long hair was casually tied behind her head. She didn't even wear any makeup on her face, but her delicate features and fair skin instantly overshadowed Hebe.

With a faint smile, Nicole said, "Hello, Miss Hebe. Please have a seat. Uncle, please bring us some tea." Sitting on the sofa in a calm manner, Nicole felt Hebe's attentive gaze.

It made her feel uncomfortable. Moreover, there must be some reasons why Kerr didn't allow Hebe Gu to work in the Gu Group. There must be something that she didn't know.

"Miss Hebe, are you here for Kerr? What a coincidence. Kerr is in the company. He might come back a little late." Nicole said in a elegant manner, just like the hostess in this house.

Instead of sitting down directly, Hebe Gu walked up to Nicole and sat beside her affectionately. "Sister-in-law, you don't have to be so polite. Maybe you haven't known it since you have just entered the Gu family.

In the Gu family, I have the best relationship with my cousin. I know he is in the company. Before I came here, I had gone to see him. He is busy, so he asked me to accompany you.

Before I met you, I often heard Kerr mention you. Now that I see you, you are really a stunning lady. In fact, I have heard something about the uncle and aunt before.

Nicole, you don't have to take it too seriously. The elderly always have different point of

should look for another job."

Then Nicole stood up and saw Vedder coming downstairs. She took the jewelry box from his hand and said, "Miss Hebe, this is the first time we met. I hope you won't mind it.

It is a small gift for you." She handed the jewelry box to Hebe.

Without hesitation, Hebe took it over and opened the jewelry box in front of Nicole. Looking at a necklace inside, she was obviously surprised.

Obviously, she didn't expect that Nicole would be so generous.

"Thank you, Mrs. Nicole. In fact, I just mentioned it casually. I have something else to do, so I'm leaving now. I'll come to see you when you have time." Then Hebe put the jewelry box into her bag.

She stood up and left.

Nicole shook her head helplessly. When she turned around and was about to go upstairs, she heard the voice of Vedder behind her. "Mrs. Nicole, in fact, you don't need to do this." Vedder knew the Gu family well.

Looking at Nicole, he wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought.

Nicole looked at Vedder with a confused look on her face, but he didn't go on talking. It was not until Kerr came back in the evening that she realized what Vedder meant.

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