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   Chapter 437 Not A Child Anymore

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Kerr made a move to kiss Nicole's red lips, but she immediately dodged him.

She stared at him with her big eyes. All this time, she had been worried about the relationship between Kerr and Jay, but apparently the two of them had even been hiding a secret from her.

"Aren't you mad that Jay tried to escape with me? Why do you speak for him now?" Obviously, Nicole couldn't figure out when the relationship between them suddenly began to get better.

She was with them every day, but she didn't notice it at all.

"It's between us men. Of course you won't understand." Kerr put his arm around her shoulder and sat on the sofa. "I know you are just worried that Jay will not be able to take good care of himself after he leaves you. But you know, you don't have to worry about that at all.

I will arrange everything for him. All he wants is a chance to experience the outside world. I have done that when I was a child, so I understand his feelings." Kerr was well aware that he and Jay were very much alike.

Therefore, he would try his best to offer better opportunities for Jay and give him everything he wanted. He knew that if he trained Jay well, he would be the successor of the KN Group in the future.

"I have to admit, I've known that he was different from other children from the moment he was born, but I didn't think he would want to leave so early, and I definitely didn't expect him to want to leave now." Nicole rested her head on Kerr's shoulder.

She looked a little depressed.

Naturally, she felt extremely reluctant to part with her beloved first-born son.

"After all, he is still a child, isn't he?" murmured Nicole. She really didn't want him to go, but she knew that if she forced him to stay by her side, he wouldn't be happy, and he might even end up resenting her for holding him back.

"He will grow up." Kerr kissed Nicole's hair and comforted her.

Thinking about Kerr's words, she could only sigh.

At dinner

ld mansion. When she was a child, she had a good relationship with Master Kerr, but she later went abroad to study.

She had cut off contact with Master Kerr since then. After returning from abroad a few years ago, she wanted to work in the Gu Group, but Master Kerr refused to give her a job." Vedder gave Nicole a brief introduction of the identity of the visitor.

She nodded. Then she put down the things in her hands and went straight downstairs.

When Nicole went downstairs, she saw a girl sitting on the sofa. This woman looked about the same age as herself, wearing a light yellow suit in the latest style of a famous brand.

Kerr had gotten that same suit for her before, but she didn't want to wear it because she didn't think the color suited her.

Now, the woman downstairs was wearing the same suit, but Nicole just didn't think that it matched the girl's complexion.

The girl's skin was not very fair, and there was a bit of shrewdness in her eyes, which immediately left a bad first impression on Nicole. Still, she walked downstairs with a polite smile at the corners of her mouth.

"This is Master's cousin." Vedder introduced the woman to Nicole.

Hearing the voice of Vedder behind her, the visitor stood up and turned to look at Nicole with a friendly smile on her face.

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