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   Chapter 436 Legal Husband And Wife

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"I don't blame you for being cheated by this woman. But you have to know that you are a member of the Gu family. No matter what you want to do, your surname is Gu. Everything you deserve should belong to the Gu family."

Freya didn't dare to mention the shares of the KN Group directly in front of Kerr. She had threatened Kerr with her shares before, and now things were different.

She didn't want to be so passive.

And she didn't want Kerr to think that she was just concerned about the shares.

"The Gu family has long been in the past. Both the Gu family and the Gu Group have been different from before. I hope everyone in the Gu family can realize this. Everything I have now is only my personal property.

Now that I and Nicole have become legal couples, everything we have now is our common property." Kerr made it clear so that Freya could have some scruples.

Hearing Kerr's words, Nicole smiled faintly. She had never doubted Kerr. It was because she knew that he loved her so much that she was so brave in front of Freya.

Looking at the serious look in Kerr's eyes, Freya glared at Nicole angrily and said, "Kerr, you have to think it over. Don't think that no one in the Gu family can control you now.

You should know that the Gu family can have such achievements this day not only relying on the Gu Group. The Gu family is so powerful that there are many people who pay attention to you."

On one hand, Freya reminded Kerr and on the other hand, she was warning him not to hand over his power to others. Even Nicole was not trustworthy.

But obviously, what Freya said couldn't affect Kerr.

Holding Nicole's shoulder, Kerr looked at Freya with helplessness. This was his mother, and

over. Because he knew that he was leaving, he took Nicole away before the wedding, hoping that she could have more time to accompany him.

Hearing Jay's words, Nicole asked in surprise, "Why? What do you mean by living alone without me? Where do you want? Why did you leave me?" Nicole knew how much Jay relied on her in the past.

She had never expected that he would leave her one day.

Even if he wanted to leave her, he should get a little older, then make a decision.

"Mommy, I know you don't want to leave me, but if I stay with you all the time, I will never grow up. I hope I can get more opportunities to experience the world, so that I can become stronger as soon as possible."

Jay couldn't wait to grow up.

He had his own plan. He couldn't tell her about it exactly.

Because if Nicole knew it, she would not let him go.

Nicole grabbed Jay's hand and looked at him with reluctance. "Jay, listen to me. You are still young and can't be independent at all. Trust me.

In a few years, Mommy will definitely let you live your own life, but not now. Do you think that mommy doesn't care about you since I have Lucas?"

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