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   Chapter 435 Taking Advantage Of The Issue

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Although Nicole didn't want to resent Freya, it was not easy to forgive her.

"You! How dare you say that? Don't think that you can be so presumptuous in front of me just because Kerr has married you. Although I admit your identity, he hasn't given you a formal wedding ceremony yet.

You said you were going to hold a wedding, but why did you cancel it? Isn't it because that Kerr has doubts about you? Don't be so naive to think that you can win his heart forever after you give birth to two children for him.

How long can a man's love last? Soon, a woman who is prettier and younger than you will appear in his sight. Do you think he will still want you then?"

Freya said sarcastically.

Although Nicole was still very young, woman was very afraid that as time went by, their love gradually disappeared. This was a nightmare that many people could not escape.

Freya was looking forward to the day.

But Nicole was different. She never felt that she should rely on Kerr all the time, she was a independent woman. No matter how long time passed, Nicole would not change her mind.

"Mrs. Freya, is this how you think of love? I don't think that you know about love at all." Nicole knew that in Freya's eyes, reputation and social status were more important than love.

"Maybe, in your mind, that's the case, but I don't think so. I believe in Kerr. He won't do that to me, and I will let him know that a mere title is worthless in my eyes."

She didn't want to explain too much about the wedding to Freya. It involved a lot of people, and the Gu family would certainly make use of it when they knew it.

"Nicole, I don't want to say these meaningless words to you. I come here this time to ask you to hand over t

hand subconsciously, trying to slap it to the side face of Nicole.

However, when she raised her hand halfway, she heard a harsh voice.

"Stop!" Wearing a black overcoat, Kerr walked in from the door. When he saw Freya raising her arm, his face darkened and he quickly walked to the side of Nicole.

Reaching out his hand, Kerr directly protected Nicole behind him, and then faced Freya. Because of the advantage of height, he looked down at her from above.

There was a domineering aura round Kerr.

"Nicole is my wife. Even if you don't like her, no one can lay a finger on her." Kerr said firmly.

He didn't know if the slap would fall on Nicole's face if he didn't arrive in time.

Looking at Kerr's cold face, Freya was shocked. She put down her hand subconsciously and stared at Nicole behind Kerr. Freya knew that she had walked in Nicole's trap.

Kerr appeared so timely, which meant that Nicole must have spread the news without her notice.

"Kerr, you should know that I'm your mother. You can't talk to me like that." Freya knew that with the presence of Kerr, it was impossible for her to ask Nicole to hand over her shares.

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