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   Chapter 434 You Should Be Filial To Me

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However, every time Freya heard that Kelvin called Nicole young mistress, she would feel dissatisfied. Yet, she also knew that it has become a fact that she had entered the Gu family.

Freya stood up. She had to get her shares from Nicole as soon as possible, so that her identity as Mrs. Gu could continue.

"Kelvin, get the car ready. I'm going to Kerr's place now." As soon as Freya finished her words, she was about to go outside, but behind her, Kelvin stood still and did not move at all.

Freya stopped, frowned and turned to look at him. "Don't you hear what I said?" Freya looked at him, her words with obvious dissatisfaction.

Perhaps it was because the Gu family was about to run out of money, [兰芝] began to become extremely irritable.

Hearing Freya's words, Kelvin turned around and asked, "Mrs. Gu, are you going to the company or Master's villa?" He knew that it was unlikely for Freya to go to Kerr. According to his understanding of her, she was to go to find Nicole.

"To the villa." Freya wanted to teach Nicole a lesson and ask her to hand over all the things that didn't belong to her. As long as she was alive in this family, she didn't have the right to make a decision.

Looking at the unhappy look on Freya's face, Kelvin also knew the purpose of Freya's visit this time. For the sake of the stability of the Gu family, he wanted to persuade Freya.

"Mrs. Gu, Master clearly said last time that he didn't want anyone to disturb his life..." Looking at the sharp eyes of Freya, he said in a lower and lower voice.

At last, he had no choice but to prepare the car according to the order of Freya.

When the car arrived at the gate of Gu's villa, Freya was told that Nicole had gone out.

Holding back her anger, Freya asked the driver to look for Nicole.

When Freya

ke control of the Gu family in the future, then she would lose all her status.

"Nicole, this is your own choice. You have to bear it yourself. Don't regret it." Freya took it for granted. She wanted Nicole to know that even if she married into the Gu family, she could only live under her control.

Hearing Freya's words, Nicole smiled faintly. She was not as meek as before.

"What are you smiling at?" Freya felt that there was obvious irony in Nicole's smile, which made her feel very uncomfortable.

"Nothing. I just think what Mrs. Gu said is funny. Didn't you say that you would never admit that I am the daughter-in-law of the Gu family? Then why do you want me to be filial to you? "

Nicole didn't forget how Freya humiliated her last time. She also knew that no matter how she treated the members of the Gu family, she had no place in their hearts.

Nicole was not a holy being. She couldn't be so tolerant and generous.

"Mrs. Gu, if I remember correctly, in your heart, you only admit Sunny as your daughter-in-law. But unfortunately, you failed to fulfill Mrs. Gu's wish."

She didn't forget the grievance she had suffered before because of this.

It was all caused by Freya.

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