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   Chapter 429 Put On An Act

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It was enough for Kerr to get rid of Bonnie.

But Kerr didn't. It was because of Nicole.

Hearing Kerr's words, tears were shining in Bonnie's eyes. She just couldn't understand why the world was so unfair to her. Everything she wanted was lost gradually.

However, Nicole, who grew up with her, had everything.

Why is that?

"I didn't do anything. Why did you do this to me? Shouldn't Nicole be responsible for my mother's death? Kerr, you love Nicole, so you can find all the reasons and excuses for her.

Can you ignore the truth?"

Bonnie asked Kerr loudly.

Standing next to Kerr, Jared was about to step forward to stop Bonnie, but his phone rang in his pocket. Jared took a look at Kerr and got his permission.

Then Jared turned around and walked out to answer the phone.

But at this time, Bonnie saw Jared leave and fixed her eyes on Kerr.

Seeing that Kerr was only a few steps away from her, Bonnie walked quickly to him and grabbed the collar of his shirt. "Kerr, I don't believe that I will be worse than Nicole."

"Let me go!" Kerr's face darkened and looked at Bonnie with disgust.

Kerr didn't expect that Bonnie would be so reckless at this time.

Hearing Kerr's angry tone, Bonnie was very happy. She raised her hand and wanted to touch his face. "Kerr, you will also change your mood because of me. Does it mean that you have a different feeling for me?"

There was obvious temptation in Bonnie's voice. ...

Kerr stepped back and dodged Bonnie. Before he could say anything, Bonnie grabbed his clothes again.

"Kerr!" Bonnie stood on tiptoe, grabbed Kerr's clothes and approached his ear. "If I can't lead a good life, so do you."

There wa

d. He had never drunk so much before.

Hearing that, Nicole turned around and saw Ken with a helpless face.

"Haven't we broken up?" Ken said in a calm tone, as if the woman in front of him was a stranger.

Even now, Ken didn't raise his hand to hug her.

In fact, before Ken came to Bonnie's room, he didn't plan to say something like that. He thought he could get Bonnie back and give her a future through his efforts.

But he didn't expect that when he came here, he saw such a scene. He was not a fool. He knew what had happened.

Bonnie let go of Ken, "Ken, you don't love me anymore? I still have you in my heart." Looking at Ken, Bonnie was actually regretful.

At this time, she broke up with Ken and couldn't get his protection.

"If you really have me in your heart, you wouldn't have done such an embarrassing thing." After saying that, Ken turned his head away. Apparently, he didn't want to see her anymore.

"Kerr, it's your business. I have something to deal with at the wedding. I'll handle it." After saying that, Ken turned around and was about to leave.

At this time, Ken chose to escape.

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