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   Chapter 427 Formality Doesn't Matter

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It was because of his injured leg that Kerr agreed to postpone the wedding tomorrow. He didn't want to leave any regret for Nicole, although it was not a problem while walking.

But it was a little difficult to carry her in his arms at the wedding.

Looking at Kerr who went silent, Nicole couldn't help feeling strange. She reached out her hand and held up Kerr's face, "What are you thinking about? Am I wrong?"

It didn't make sense. The only person in the world Bonnie could call as her sister was Sunny.

Looking into Nicole's eyes, Kerr frowned and said, "The wedding has been postponed again."

Kerr almost couldn't remember how many times he had done this. Every time he wanted to give her a surprise, he didn't know why it was so difficult.

Hearing his words, Nicole couldn't help laughing. It was the first time that she had seen Kerr so aggrieved. In fact, in her heart, she no longer cared about these so-called formalities.

It was enough for her to be with Kerr forever.

To protect Kerr, Nicole rested her chin on his shoulder and said, "Kerr, these are not so important to me. I know you want everyone know that I'm your wife.

But in fact, now everyone have already known that. You really don't need to care so much. Besides, the wedding was just postponed, not cancelled.

I'm not in a hurry. Why are you so anxious?" Nicole comforted Kerr. They had been through a lot in this relationship, but she thought that everything would be okay.

This was good. They all cherished this relationship more. She felt lucky that Kerr could always be with her.

Kerr held her tightly and said nothing.

When Nicole fell asleep, it was already dawn, but Kerr didn't fall asleep. He tucked her i

orld who wanted to kill him, but only Sunny wanted to kill Nicole.

"Kim has gone to find the evidence." Kerr knew that Kim would not let him down.

In the Moore's villa of A City.

"How do you feel when you see your ex-boyfriend's wedding invitation?" Moore's voice was full of obvious sarcasm.

With the wedding invitation in her hand, Sunny sat on the sofa in a daze. When she heard the voice of Moore, she turned around and looked into his eyes. She didn't dodge at all.

"Do you really think the wedding can be held as scheduled?" Sunny put the invitation on the table in front of her.

She smiled.

Moore walked to Sunny and sat down. He glanced at the invitation indifferently.

"It seems that Kerr has put a lot of thoughts into it, but unfortunately, the bride is not you." Moore knew that even if Sunny stayed with him, she still cared about Kerr.

"So what? The more he wants to marry Nicole, the more I will make trouble for him." There was obvious complacency in Sunny's eyes.

In this world, no one could easily bully her. She would take her revenge.

"So you used your sister?" Moore smiled with satisfaction.

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