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   Chapter 425 Postpone The Wedding

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Although Bonnie could be with Ken now was partly because of Nicole...

Thinking of what Nicole had done to her, Bonnie couldn't be grateful.

Hearing Bonnie's words, Ken frowned, while Nicole, who was standing next to Nicole, felt unfair for Nicole and questioned Bonnie loudly.

"Bonnie, don't be so ungrateful. You set a fire and wanted to kill all of us. Are you still pretending to be innocent here?" Lisa hated such a scheming woman the most.

Lisa's voice was not low, so it quickly attracted many people's attention.

Kerr walked out of the room and frowned at the scene in front of him. He knew that no one could sleep well if the problem was not solved.

"Everyone, come to the living room." Kerr's serious voice made everyone feel stressful. Nicole turned around, looked at Kerr's dark face and walked to him.

Thinking of the wound on his leg, Nicole held his arm.

When Harley heard the voice, he walked out and sensed the tension between Lisa and Bonnie, as if they were going to fight with each other in the next second. Harley walked to Lisa and pat on her shoulder.

"Honey, calm down." Of course, he knew what kind of person Lisa was. Lisa never showed mercy to her enemies.

Seeing that both Nicole and Lisa were guarded by someone, Bonnie turned to Ken behind her, but the latter pretended not to notice her gaze and didn't have any reactions.

Kerr took Nicole back to the living room. All the people had gathered here except Zachary. He was taking care of Avery, who was still in a coma.

"It's time for you to give everyone an explanation."

Ken said indifferently to Bonnie.

"I have nothing to explain. Even though I accidentally touched the bottle of wine and caused the fire, I didn't mean to

ld forgive her.

It's you who said let the bygones be bygones. I know my mother did something wrong to you, but I've apologized for her. Why couldn't you let her go?"

When Nicole withdrew the lawsuit, Bonnie was very grateful to her, but she didn't expect that Nicole just wanted to take advantage of it and put on a show in front of others.

Hearing that, Nicole was obviously stunned. She turned to look at Kerr beside her, trying to find an answer on his face. "Did you do it?"

At that time, for the sake of Bonnie, Nicole had begged Kerr to let off Leila, and he had agreed. Nicole thought that Leila had come back to Bonnie, but she didn't expect that Leila had died.

"Not me." Kerr's tone was calm. He frowned and stared at Bonnie. Seeing her tearful face, he thought she was not lying. It seemed that this matter was not as simple as it seemed.

Maybe someone had already been watching them on the sly.

Nicole believed that Kerr wouldn't lie to her, so she trusted him without hesitation. She turned to look at Bonnie, "Do you have any evidence to prove that I did it?

If I really want to kill Leila, why don't I use normal methods?"

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