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   Chapter 424 Make It Clear

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Looking at Lisa, for some reason, Nicole felt somewhat familiar.

Moreover, she didn't feel disgusted with Lisa's attitude at all. She knew that it was all because of Lisa's concern for her.

"From now on, Bonnie and I are no longer sisters." Said Nicole firmly.

Regardless of whether there were misunderstandings between Bonnie and her, in the face of such a matter, Bonnie did not choose to ask Nicole, but made the decision on an impulse, which meant that Bonnie had made up her mind.

Hearing Nicole's words, Lisa turned around and looked into her eyes.

"It's good that you understand." Lisa held out her hand and looked at her meaningfully. "Nicole, you will understand one day that you deserve the best."

Lisa wanted to tell something to Nicole directly, but without Ben's consent, Lisa was also worried that she would mess up something, so she chose to be silent.

Nicole was moved and didn't know what to do when she saw the sincerity in Lisa's eyes.

"I see. Thank you, Lisa." Said Nicole lightly.

She smiled at Lisa.

In the room.

Kerr sat on the sofa. He had changed into casual clothes, and was not as messy as before.

"What are you going to do with Bonnie?"

Kerr didn't want to interfere in Ken's relationship, but if the person Ken liked was not a good choice for him, then Kerr wouldn't pretend that he knew nothing.

Sitting opposite to Kerr, Ken looked helpless. In fact, he also felt conflicted.

No matter what, he had been with Bonnie for a long time. But she chose to give up their relationship, and Ken could do nothing about it.

"Give me some time. Let me have a talk with Bonnie."

Ken also found that there was something wrong with Bonnie, but he didn't kno

re that I set the fire, I have nothing to say to you." Bonnie would never admit it.

After saying that, Bonnie walked towards the door and opened it. She was shocked to see Nicole and Lisa standing at the door. Apparently, she didn't expect that Nicole would wake up so soon.

Looking at the calm look in Nicole's eyes, Bonnie felt a little guilty. After all, before the accident, Bonnie didn't expect that Nicole could survive, so she said those harsh words to her.

Seeing Nicole standing at the door, Ken said calmly, "I've given you the chance, but you didn't seize it. No one mentioned the fire, and I didn't say who caused it."

He didn't say anything, but Bonnie had given herself away because of guilt.

Seeing the disappointment on Ken's face, Nicole couldn't help feeling pity for him. "You will regret if you miss him, Bonnie." Said Nicole indifferently.

Nicole saw how much Ken cared about Bonnie, and he even wanted to bear all the responsibilities for her just now, but Bonnie didn't know any of that.

Hearing Nicole's words, Bonnie showed a cold expression on her face.

"Are you that we are having a fight now?"

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