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   Chapter 423 Avoidable

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"I just came from Avery's ward. The doctor has checked up on her and she is fine. Zachary is taking care of her, and Harrow is fine. Harley is also with Lisa.

Are you okay?" Ken asked Nicole. In fact, Ken was very clear about the fact, but he was unwilling to believe it or admit it.

But when he knew the fire, he regretted for a moment. After all, he had a premonition before that. If he had reminded everyone, the accident would not have happened.

Hearing what Ken said, Nicole nod her head and asked, "How is Bonnie?" Nicole knew that Ken was in great pain now.

After all, she had witnessed how Ken and Bonnie had become what they were today step by step.

In Ken's heart, he cared about Bonnie very much.

As they spoke, Kerr's face darkened. He let go of Nicole's arm, stood up and looked straight at Ken. No one knew him better than Kerr.

Therefore, only Kerr knew what Ken was thinking about.

"You have already known that Bonnie wants to hurt Nicole, haven't you?" There was anger in Kerr's tone. If it was true, the accident could have been avoided.

But Ken didn't say anything and just let the accident happen. In other words, in order to fulfill Bonnie's wish, Ken had thought of sacrificing Nicole, which was unacceptable to Kerr.

Facing Kerr's questioning, Ken turned to look at him. It was the first time that he felt a murderous look on Kerr, and he didn't deny it.

But he kept silent, and the atmosphere in the room suddenly became tense.

Nicole looked at Kerr nervously and said, "Kerr, don't be impulsive. This has nothing to do with Ken. He can't predict everything."

She tried to persuade Kerr not to

lked to the back of Lisa and asked, "Harley, can you give us a minute?" Nicole said with a smile, looking relaxed. Perhaps she had been through a lot after she was with Kerr.

Every time they could turn good out of misfortune, Nicole had gradually gotten used to it. In fact, danger was not terrible, as long as they could bravely face it and be accompanied by their beloved.

For them, this was the most important thing.

Turning around, Harley looked at Nicole, thought about Lisa behind him, and nodded, "Only for a while." Harley patted Lisa on the shoulder and left the balcony, leaving them alone.

"Thank you, Lisa. I know you were caring about me just now. I'm really moved. And before the fire, you had already felt something wrong with Bonnie, didn't you?"

Nicole always knew that Lisa was smart, but she didn't expect that Lisa had a sharp observation.

"So what?" Lisa sneered. "Do you still want to forgive her unconditionally? Do you still treat her as your good sister?"

Lisa didn't expect this to happen, and also felt angry because Nicole didn't listen to her advice.

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