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   Chapter 420 Brother-In-Law

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The doctor didn't find anything wrong with Bonnie, so he answered her question.

"That's good." Although Bonnie said so, there was no happy expression on her face. If Nicole was out of danger, she would be in big trouble.

Seeing that Bonnie was here with Nicole, the doctor didn't think too much. He just said a few words to the nurse beside him briefly, turned around and walked out of Nicole's bedroom.

When he walked to the door, he saw Kerr standing there. But when he was about to greet Kerr, he saw Kerr's serious eyes. The doctor quickly realized what he meant.

So he shut up, turned around and left silently.

After the doctor left, Bonnie turned to the nurse standing aside and said, "You can go out to see other people first. I'll be here with my sister."

The nurse looked at Nicole who was still in a coma on the bed, and then looked at Bonnie. She was a little hesitant. After all, the woman lying in front of her was Kerr's wife.

Everyone in the Gu family knew how important Nicole was to Kerr, so she had to take good care of her.

"Miss Bonnie. I don't think it's a good idea..." The nurse hesitated.

She didn't want Kerr or Nicole to feel that she was irresponsible.

Hearing the nurse's words, Bonnie's eyes turned cold and locked on her face. "Are you worried that I will hurt my sister?

You'd better know who you are. I'm Nicole's sister and Ken's girlfriend. You don't need to judge me whatever I want to do, understand?"

Bonnie put on an air of superiority.

The nurse was stunned when she heard Bonnie's words. Before this, she had always thought that Bonnie was a very easy-going person. She had neve

was not reconciled, but Jared had walked up to her.

"This way, Miss Bonnie." Jared reached out his hand to Bonnie and stood between them to help Kerr get rid of her.

Bonnie stood up and smiled at Jared, "Then I won't disturb you." Then, Bonnie turned around and left.

Seeing that Bonnie was submissive, Jared closed the door and turned around to look at Kerr. "Sir, you know clearly that Bonnie was going to do something to Mrs. Nicole just now."

He couldn't figure it out. According to his understanding of Kerr, Kerr would never let go of anyone who wanted to threaten Nicole. So when Jared saw Kerr's attitude towards Bonnie, he was confused.

Kerr just reached out his hand and touched Nicole's forehead. His eyes were gentle and his tone was very light. "Find someone to keep an eye on Bonnie. Don't let her leave here and remind Ken."

Kerr had a rough idea of Bonnie's change, but he had to leave it to Nicole. He believed that if Bonnie really had something to do with today's accident...

Then there must be a lot of doubts in Nicole's heart, if she didn't make it clear...

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