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   Chapter 419 I Love You, Marry Me

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The first floor of the three storey villa was completely burnt down.

Kerr turned around and looked at the villa in front of him.

His face darkened. "Go and find them, no matter what it cost."

Kerr wanted to give an explanation to Zachary and Harley. He couldn't let the fire become their nightmare.

Hearing Kerr's voice, Ken understood what he meant. He looked at Kerr's side face and nodded.

Then he immediately ordered the rescuers to look for the people who might survive from top to bottom.

Standing up and looking at the scene in front of him, Harley couldn't help but think that Jack had blown off the 'Surprise' that Kerr had prepared for Nicole. With a slight smile at the corners of his mouth, Harley turned to look at Kerr.

"I'm sorry, Kerr. I know you know what I'm thinking. I won't live alone in this world without Lisa." Said Harley firmly.

In the past, he only felt that he was lucky to meet Lisa. After he had Lisa, it seemed that a very ordinary thing had become meaningful. But now, it was not until now that he realized the Lisa meant a lot more than that for him.

It turned out that he had never thought that he would lose Lisa.

It seemed that in his heart, Lisa had already been a part of his life and could not be separated.

Kerr looked at him and didn't doubt his words at all. This time, he chose to be silent.

After saying that, Harley walked towards the fire that hadn't been put out.

This time, Kerr didn't stop Harley, because he understood that if Harley couldn't find Lisa, his life would be worse than death.

Ken was a little hesitant. He looked at Kerr beside him and didn't know what to say, so he had to ask his men to protect Harley as much as possible

wearing black suit pants.

But even so, Jared could feel that Kerr was seriously injured.

Kerr shook his head and said, "Take me to see Nicole first." Now everyone was out of danger, Kerr always felt uneasy without seeing Nicole.

Hearing Kerr's words, Jared was not surprised at all. Everything was within his expectations. After all, he knew better than others how important Nicole was in Kerr's heart.

Helplessly, Jared had no choice but to help Kerr walk towards the bedroom on the second floor of the villa.

When he stopped at the door, Kerr heard the sound in the room, so he stopped. "Doctor, how is my sister?"

Bonnie stood beside Nicole and asked the doctor cautiously.

She couldn't let Nicole wake up like this. Everyone knew that she set the fire on purpose. If someone woke up, she would be doomed, and even Ken couldn't protect her.

When Bonnie saw Ken take Nicole out of the villa just now, she was very nervous, so she followed Ken and told him that she wanted to take care of Nicole.

"Miss, please rest assured. Mrs. Nicole will wake up soon. She has inhaled too much smoke. There won't be too much problem."

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