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   Chapter 417 Find Nicole

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To save Nicole as soon as possible.

But Bonnie could say nothing and she kept crying.

"It's okay. It's okay. Bonnie, you are safe now. Nicole and others haven't come out yet. Do you know where they are?" Ken asked Bonnie anxiously.

If something really happened to Nicole at this time, Ken couldn't imagine what Kerr would be like.

Bonnie shook her head and said, "I don't know. I know nothing."

Seeing that, Kerr also gave up asking. Looking at the platform on the second floor, he put forth his strength to make a jump and grabbed the handrail on the platform.

Then he quickly went up to the second floor.

"Master!" Jared looked at Kerr worriedly. When he was about to follow Kerr, Ken stopped him.

"Jared, take care of Bonnie. I'll go." Ken made a decision directly. Then, he put Bonnie on the ground and pushed her to Jared.

He turned his head to look at Harley behind him and nodded to him.


Bonnie's eyes were blurred with tears. She looked at Ken in disbelief. This was the time when she needed others' care most, but Ken just calmly left her.

Hearing the voice of Bonnie, Ken turned his head and glanced at her. "I'll be back soon. Wait for me." After he said that, he and Harley entered the villa from the second floor.

"Miss Ning, don't worry. I believe that Master and others will be fine." Jared comforted her, thinking that she was worried about the safety of Ken.

He also comforted himself in his heart and took out his phone to call the rescue team.

Standing downstairs of the villa, Bonnie looked at everyone who was trying hard to put out the fire, and her heart was filled with infinite coldness.

In the villa.

As soon as Kerr entered the second floor of the villa, he felt a strong smell of smoke. He quickly fo

s only one floor high, Kerr was unprepared and fell into the collapsed stairs.

"Kerr!" Ken who had just come in, saw this scene. He quickly walked to Nicole's side, knelt on the ground and looked down.

The stairs had completely collapsed. It was easy for them to go down, but it was not easy to go up again.

Ken looked nervously at the direction of Kerr, but because of the smoke, he didn't see it clearly.

"Take Nicole out!"

Hearing Ken's voice, Kerr breathed a sigh of relief. He slightly moved his body and felt that his legs seemed to be hurt by a broken plank, which made him painful.

He didn't know if he could go out, but he had to ensure the safety of Nicole first.

Hearing Kerr's words, Ken looked at Nicole, who was in a coma, and hesitated. Now the fire almost devoured the whole first floor. Ken didn't know if he could come back to save Kerr if he left at this time.

"Take Nicole out. I'll try to get Kerr up." Harley walked to Ken and made a decision directly.

Looking at the determined look on Harley's face, Ken nodded.

Holding Nicole in his arms, Ken turned around and walked towards the window on the second floor. Nicole didn't look well.

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